A new "anonymous" feature introduced by X, formerly Twitter

A new "anonymous" feature introduced by X, formerly Twitter

A new "anonymous" feature introduced by X formerly Twitter (1)

Several X users faced criticism for buying "Blue" but worry no more since X has now launched a brand-new feature that allows you to hide Blue Tick so that you no longer fall victim to the blue tick memes, indeed a much-required feature.

A new "anonymous" feature introduced by X, formerly Twitter

A new "anonymous" feature introduced by X formerly Twitter (1)

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Elon Musk is entirely focused on rebranding Twitter and has been frequently in the headlines everywhere and yet again this time for introducing a new feature allowing paid users to sustain anonymity by hiding their blue tick.

It was recently several paid users started to notice a new feature "hide your blue checkmark" on their devices that allowed them to hide that they have a paid Twitter and save themselves from the memes evolving.

There were several critics spreading memes, jokes, and even sarcastic criticism over paid users for spending $8 for a blue checkmark and some not-so-required features, but that now remains a thing of the past since now you can hide you are paying.

Indeed it is such a much-need feature that would help save several lives that were bullied online for paying $8 for Twitter Blue. However, Twitter was better before as ever since the rolling out of paid checkmarks started, everything simply became a mess.

Before Twitter rolled a verification system for credibility based on users' impact on society and their influence but since now anyone could buy a checkmark be it a notable person or a random 18-year-old it became chaos full of fake unrequired checkmarks.

Since even a random person holds a checkmark account, it became a topic to talk about or brag about users paying dollars for a social media checkmark giving no meaning for being a million+ follower account.

However, from now on if you subscribe to Twitter Blue, the platform now tags another blue checkmark that indicates "verified since" the date you subscribed while the legacy verified accounts now contain the original date of verification which is before the subscription's existence.

Currently, Twitter is facing an "It's all complicated" situation where the audience is confused and also on edge since you just don't know what feature might they launch all of a sudden without any notice.

How to hide Blue Tick on Twitter?

It's not complicated to hide a blue tick on Twitter, unlike the complications that exist within and with the platform. Follow the following steps and you can finally save yourself from the hassle of memes surrounding your feed and inbox.

  • Open "About" in your X profile and navigate "Hide Your Checkmark."
  • Once you click "Hide Your Checkmark" the Blue Tick will eventually hide from your profile

Two easy steps and you are saved from mankind's utter pressure for spatting memes on your paid Twitter subscription. However, understand that hiding the checkmark doesn't mean you won't get any benefits.

All the given benefits and membership perks stay the same and active, it is only the blue tick that hides. Now that you know about the steps to hide blue tick, spread across your community and friends and also help them tackle this international concern.

X Note

X has notified about the recent modifications in the "About X Blue" membership page where it mentioned that every subscriber can select to hide their checkmarks on their account without deflecting other existing paid features.

The checkmark will stay hidden from the profile and also the user's post but some paid features might still let users discover that you are a paid member but that's a rare occurrence to happen unless someone has a close eye on your profile.

However, it also mentions that some features might get disabled which is something we shall explore and notify in time. To enable the feature follow the above-mentioned steps in case you might have missed or skipped.

That being said, there deflects no changes or modifications in the subscriptions value package which costs $8 or INR 900 per month for mobile devices and INR 650 per month for web users.

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