Apple's Mega-update: iPhone 15 production starts in Tamil Nadu

Apple's Mega-update: iPhone 15 production starts in Tamil Nadu

iPhone 15 to soon reach your doors as production commences in Tamil Nadu; Image Source: (0)

Apple's next step in narrowing the gap of operations between India and China continues as the production of iPhone 15 starts rolling out in Tamil Nadu.

Apple's Mega-update: iPhone 15 production starts in Tamil Nadu

iPhone 15 to soon reach your doors as production commences in Tamil Nadu; Image Source: (0)

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Foxconn Technology Group's plant in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu is preparing for distributing the newly produced iPhone 15 devices a week after the shipments start to roll out from the factories in China, Apple's core manufacturing base (1).

However, Apple has started the production of the iPhone 15 in Tamil Nadu and quotes a core goal of narrowing the gap between its operations in India compared to the high-end running manufacturing base it developed in China.

Apple swiftly seeks a core goal of increasing the volume of iPhones coming from India and slowly narrowing the gap with made-in-China iPhones. The California-based company Cupertino is also embarking on a multi-year strategy its strategy away from China.

Apple is exceedingly attempting to take away its operations from China and de-risking the supply chain for its premium and essential products as trade concerns between the United States and China are becoming more uncertain (2).

Meanwhile, under the leadership of the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, India has attempted successfully for building a strong relationship with the United States and establish its manufacturing center after so many years of existence.

Apple Plans

Apple has some huge plans for India and since the past year, we have seen a massive surge in not just the sales of Apple iPhones in India but also manufacturing and production boost as well.

The "Made in India" shipments released from Cupertino witnessed a 25% growth when compared to the 12% growth of 2021. It is simply a tactic of Apple to launch its retail and boost manufacturing in India which led to the massive surge in numbers.

The growth is also attributed to Foxconn Technology Group which is Apple's largest contract manufacturer and assembler of iPhones, and has been consistently hitting headlines in India for the huge investments and partnerships growth it showcased in supply chain operations outside China.

2023 can be claimed to b Apple's biggest year in India as the company is hitting record numbers in terms of sales and production and the opening of its new outlet in India was simply a boost in developmental numbers.

Apple also Plans

Apple is anticipating lesser numbers in sales of iPhone 15 according to several analyses from advocates, there witnessed a decline in the orders by Apple from 83 million to 77 million units by the end of this year due to supply issues and lower-than-usual demand (3).

Moreover, the issue with Sony's CMOS camera sensors is again brought up in the headlines along with the new titanium frame for the Pro models and the new display with thinner bezels is becoming a hurdle for the company to tackle (4).

Apple is expecting reduced sales numbers due to the overall ongoing market conditions, trade problems, and the rise in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max prices becomes another hurdle to tackle.

Meanwhile, iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro rumors are also widely spreading in the market with several speculations for the device holding a better built quality and 48MP camera with major improvements.

The leak of iPhone 16 specifications is another drawback that has pulled back users from opting for the 15 models. However, Apple's step toward advancing its operations in India has let the company balance the ups and downs.

Apple more Plans

Taiwan-based contract electronics manufacturer and Apple's prominent manufacturer and distributor Foxconn is preparing to start the production of Apple Airpods in the Hyderabad facility (5).

The company recently approved a $400 million investment deal for the Hyderabad plan and the factory is anticipated to start the production of Made in India Airpods in a mass number from December of 2024.

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