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Aditya Mishra fuses his background in engineering with a passion for VR, AR, and wearable tech, crafting compelling narratives and offering a fresh outlook on the tech world.

Pepe Coin on the Rise: Challenging Shiba Inu's Meme Coin Supremacy

The renowned investors criticize the government's handling of the crisis and emphasize the need for urgent action and consequences for responsible parties.

Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman Voice Concern Over US Banking Crisis, Call for Swift Action and Accountability
Google's Surprising Take on AI: No Moats, Just Collaboration
Shopify Announces Layoffs of 20% Workforce, Sells Logistics Business in Major Restructuring Move
Zoho Launches Privacy-Centered Ulaa Browser: A Rival to Google Chrome and Firefox
Microsoft Edge Faces Issues After Adopting a Google Chrome Feature
ChatGPT Workers in Africa Unionize for Better Working Conditions and Fair Wages
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