CityMall - Online Shopping Store, India

CityMall - Online Shopping Store, India

CityMall - Online Shopping Store, India

This social media commerce platform enables anyone to purchase daily products at discounted prices. It is more like a grocery or beauty store (but online). It runs on a marketplace business strategy (Wow!).

CityMall - Online Shopping Store, India

CityMall - Online Shopping Store, India

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The Company in 3 lines

  1. A social commerce platform where individuals can buy daily goods at reduced prices.
  2. Customers can select from a variety of 10,000 products, including essentials, gadgets, fashion, and groceries.
  3. The discounted products are made available in collaboration with the local community leaders. They represent CityMall by advertising products and processing payments.

Quick Information

Website: Click here

Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Headquarters: Gurgaon, India

Business Model: B2C

Founding Year: 2019

Number of Employees: 251-500

Core Team Members: Angad Kikla, Naisheel Verdhan (Founders)

Revenue Streams: Product Listing, Product Sales, Commission

Target Market: Local online users in tier-2/3/4 cities

Basic Information

Citymall was founded in 2019 by Angad Kikla and Nisheel Verdhan in Gurgaon. It is a multi-category product listing online group-buying marketplace. Products in the catalog include beauty, essentials, etc.

The company provides various products at discounted prices when purchased in groups. It operates in India's tier II, tier III, and tier IV cities. Due to logistical constraints and lead times, it has remained at such tiers.

The company maintains consumer engagement and provides several features. One of the things that draw customers back daily is the "horoscope.

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