Confirm your payments with Amitabh Bachchan: PhonePe

Confirm your payments with Amitabh Bachchan: PhonePe

PhonePe's competitive Indian market strategy; Image Source: (0)

PhonePe brings to on table a dramatic marketing approach by introducing Amitabh Bachchan’s iconic voice to confirm the payments on its smart speaker, available in 90% pin codes of India.

Confirm your payments with Amitabh Bachchan: PhonePe

PhonePe's competitive Indian market strategy; Image Source: (0)

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Indian Digital Payments and Fintech giant PhonePe introduced a new marketing approach that features renowned Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan’s voice, announcing payment received notification on its SmartSpeakers, which is active in more than 19,000 pin codes in India (1). 

This new one-of-a-kind approach enabled PhonePe SmartSpeakers (2) across the country to become the first-choice mega-tool since the influence of Mr. Bachchan’s voice is not limited to the classic crowd but also the modern growing youth. 

The celebrity voice option on PhonePe is available for all the merchants in Hindi and English and the company also hinted at working to integrate other languages in the future to make the experience more immersive and enlighted. 

PhonePe introduced the SmartSpeakers in the past year and the product already has been adopted with better-than-expected results, as it is operated in more than 19,000 postal codes that encompass more than 90% of the country. 

Until now, the SmartSpeakers have completed more than 100cr transactions in India which also demonstrates their popularity and the addition of Mr. Bachchan’s voice is sure to bounce the rates to an even higher possibility and might also make PhonePe, the merchant’s first-choice over Paytm.

A little history

Digital Payments in India highly reflect the modern consequences of a pandemic that led mankind to adopt several technological advancements that have now become routine habits and one just cannot escape but rely completely on them. 

Digital Payments in India acquired major traction in the pandemic as the momentum accelerated faster than ever, and today digital payment’s QR is found everywhere from that sister’s Rakhi plate with a QR signboard, to even local shops adapting to the technology, all thanks to Covid-19.

The QR signboard in the local shops of India is integrated with a smart speaker that voice prompts the specified amount received to the merchant’s wallet when one makes a payment, now Just imagine, Mr. Bachchan announcing it…

The Hindi Cinema icon, popularly known for his voice, Amitabh Bachchan announced loud and clear that you have paid INR 10 to the chai wala, What a motivation! Hearing Mr Bachchan’s voice will create an immersive experience among the users.

The users will sense a feeling of familiarity since his voice is known and liked by all in India and the entire world. It is not just enhancing the customer’s experience but also the merchant’s as it becomes a hearing therapy, to hear his voice, confirming the payment.

Anyway, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you enable Amitabh Bachchan’s voice on your PhonePe SmartSpeaker using PhonePe for Business App for merchants:

  • If you don’t have then download and install PhonePe for Business App but if you have it then launch the application. 
  • Now, hop to the “smart speaker” section visible on the home screen.
  • Now underneath “my smart speaker” tap on “smart speaker voice.”
  • Now select Shri. Amitabh Bachchan’s voice and then select the preferable language, currently Hindi and English.
  • Now click “confirm” to activate the voice.
  • Once done, your device will get rebooted with the updated language change and Mr Bachchan’s voice will start incoming after some time. 

PhonePe also introduced some other features apart from the SmartSpeakers such as battery-change, enhanced audio-clarity, and a compact and versatile form factor. Technology is advancing way faster than dreams.

Before, merchants used feature phones that relied primarily on SMS but now, it’s next to impossible to watch someone using the technical masterpiece of that era being just an old device worth the scrap tool.

PhonePe SmartSPeakers come with a payment notification sound in two Indian languages, 4 days of battery life, dedicated data connectivity, an LED indicator, an audio alert on low battery, and a dedicated replay button to repeat the transaction amount received. 

PhonePe is experimenting significantly with its crowd. Although the recent introduction was a hit already before it was full-time ruling since the audience can’t get over anything that has Bachchan’s, this marketing approach is the best, PhonePe.

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