Google unlocks a new security feature concerning privacy

Google unlocks a new security feature concerning privacy

Google's safety net feature (1)

Google will now not only save your data but also notify you if any of your personal information becomes publicly available online. "We will save you from the hole we dug."

Google unlocks a new security feature concerning privacy

Google's safety net feature (1)

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Google is enhancing privacy protection levels as it introduced a new feature that notifies users when their personal information goes publicly available and also allows them to manage security by reviewing the notification and requesting the removal of information.

You can now remove contact details, initial information, birth information, and even credentials when leaked online with this new security feature. Google be like, "I dig the hole of data leaks, and I will save you from it."

Google "Results About You"

Google "results about you" is available for both mobile and web platforms ever since its release and with the latest update released, this privacy-concerned dashboard moves on a whole different level.

Earlier there raised several concerns over Google's privacy and security features where it was also noticed that user data was being shared and collected without permission but today it's all a goner since you can now track your personal information exchange and request Google to take it down anytime from anywhere.

All you have to do is input the required details on the dashboard and Google will automatically search and track the web with websites matching your request which you can then review and request the removal of the information.

Before there required rigorous search and memory pressure for submitting manual removal which is also exhausting and not worth it since you just cannot remember and track everything you do on a web search and what places you unlock.

Moreover, it is said that Google will also notify the users when its software identifies your personal information such as address, email, or phone number anywhere online which you can then control and decide whether you wish to keep it the way it is or request removal.

Google also allows you to enable push notifications which will then notify your future search results via the pop-up notification feature. It will also keep you informed about the status of your request for removal by showcasing the progress of your request Pending to be approved, Denied, and Undone.

The feature is currently available in the US and it is also essential for noting that the removal of your content from Google does not mean that it permanently goes off the web, since after all, it is the safety net of Google's self-dig hole.

Google holds the ability for eliminating search results but it holds limitations over types of search results it can't remove and also has its database which ultimately holds and keeps it forever.

The recent update is extremely crucial for privacy concerns for those who experienced unauthorized disclosure of their personal information and this update would surely streamline the removal process.

Google is offering a quick response to such occurring incidents that are mitigating social harm to its users since it is finally the time when Google is acting actively over the privacy concerns of the users.

Google has promised for rolling out this feature worldwide soon and expand its reach to make it accessible to as many as possible and in several languages since it is not just a US problem but a world problem.

Today the personal information of every user is paramount and the security levels of Web3 are too advanced but Web2 remains a topic of concern and Google is highly empowering users on managing their information commendably.

Meanwhile, Google has also worked on its image protection policies as it now blurs any visible adult content or graphic violence. Google launched this feature in the past month and you can disable or enable the feature in the SafeSearch settings page.

Google is also now providing a "filter" option that will automatically block any visible explicit content. Google is moving on the right track in the era where users are more concerned about their privacy and not commercialization.

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