Layoff continues, but this time, its eCommerce giants Shopify & Meesho

Layoff continues, but this time, its eCommerce giants Shopify & Meesho

Today’s newsletter uncovers concerns over OpenAI’s trademark “GPT” and its ambitions despite a $540 million loss. Meanwhile, the White House addresses AI concerns, Zoho rivals Chrome, and Google adopts a new strategy and bids farewell to passwords.

Layoff continues, but this time, its eCommerce giants Shopify & Meesho

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Meesho downsized its workforce by 15% and laid off 251 employees as part of a broader transformation attempt to streamline operations and focus on core business segments. The layoffs struck multiple departments that posed barriers to scaling its operations.

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Shopify downsized 20% of its workforce, laying off 2000 people, and sold its logistics unit. One employee stated they felt like an NPC in a video game over Shopify's poor handling of the layoff. Despite global growth, layoffs and removing an entire unit raised several questions of concern.

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Beware: A user left troubled using OpenAI’s trademarked “GPT”

Bhanu Teja P tweeted an update with an email attached that warns using "GPT" in a company name could result in trademark infringement, confusion, misleading, and providing the erroneous impression of being linked with OpenAI, as well as legal consequences. It serves as a reminder to all AI companies to choose their names properly.

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OpenAI pursues dominance despite $540 million loss

Despite a $540 million loss, OpenAI acquired $100 billion to continue developing powerful AI innovations. This demonstrates the company's resiliency to progress, and the AI sector's potential led OpenAI to reach such dominance.

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The White House Meets AI Giants raising technology’s potential threat to Humanity

POTUS Joe Biden spoke for two hours with top executives from Google, Microsoft, and other companies to discuss the possible threat of AI and announce an investment in National AI safety.

Google and other IT corporations, on the other hand, are looking for Indian AI talent. TCS has unveiled its "own" ChatGPT-like code-generation AI tool.

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Google had a little shift in focus amid AI's competitive rise

To compete with OpenAI, Google shifted its focus to AI research and opted for publishing less confidential AI research in its tool. The focus points heightened competition with OpenAI, which significantly improved with GPT-4, and Google had to keep its standardized presence in the market.

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No more “passwords” in Google

Google announced to depart from “passwords” for a more secure online experience based on WebAuth, Security keys, and Two-Step Verification. It now lays a more powerful protection against phishing efforts.

It aims to lessen the risk of unauthorized access to user accounts by providing a service that eliminates users needing to remember or manage multiple passwords.

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