Quik.com’s new features are changing the NFT domain game!

Quik.com’s new features are changing the NFT domain game!

Quik.com’s new features are changing the NFT domain game.

Quik.com's October 2022 Mega-Update comprises numerous features enhancing user experience and NFT domain use cases for its users with the release of its own Quik API, as well as other improvements planned for the following weeks and months.

Quik.com’s new features are changing the NFT domain game!

Quik.com’s new features are changing the NFT domain game.

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Quik.com is an NFT domain marketplace offering top-level domains running on the blockchain-based protocols ERC-721, ERC-1155, and BEP-721, BEP-1155. Quik.com's official support recently released a press release detailing the October 2022 upgrade, which will unlock several features for users, with more planned for the upcoming weeks and months.

According to the announcement, Quik.com has introduced a new "edit feature" that enables NFT domain owners to update their NFT domain with personal information such as address details, URLs, text records, and crypto wallet addresses. This will increase user activity and engagement, make networking and connectivity more flexible, and also allow other users to see how other users are using their NFT domains.

Adding more cryptocurrencies to the ecosystem will make wallet connections more versatile and convenient. Quik.com now supports ETH, BTC, DOGE, BNB, SOL, and LTC to improve user engagement and experience.

The Quik API feature, the major update linking all the features and updates for a better user experience and smooth user connectivity and interface, is the most anticipated list of updates. According to the press release, the new front-end API documentation will be made available to the general public the following week, along with other brand-new capabilities like "chrome extensions" and "template builders."

What is an NFT domain?

An NFT domain is a decentralized domain representing a virtual website that functions as a smart contract publicly listed on the Blockchain. NFT domains include several distinctive and popular domain extensions, including .web3, .metaverse, and .vr.

NFT domains can be used in various ways, including hosting decentralized websites, connecting metaverse properties for improved engagement, and storing assets. For example, they can replace non-human readable crypto wallet addresses with human-readable NFT domain names for addresses like akeji@JWUD%&$Knaie to mywallet.web3.

On Quik.com's open market, NFT domains can be bought, sold, exchanged, and traded in addition to receiving a 5–10% royalty on each future sale of NFT domains. Users do not need to pay any renewal fees or charges because, once purchased, an NFT domain is the buyer's exclusive and permanent property with full ownership, control, and authorized management rights.

How does an NFT domain work?

NFT domains are decentralized, which implies that they are not hosted by a single server, making them similar to cloud hosting, except that they are distributed among all blockchain-enabled devices. As a result, the NFT domain owner is given full root permissions to manage and govern their domain, making them the legitimate managing authority.

As opposed to conventional domains and web hosting, NFT domains have the following applications as a result of decentralization:

  • NFT domains, which work with most cryptocurrencies like LTC, ETH, and BTC, can replace random crypto addresses with names that are short and simple to remember.
  • rightful and lifetime domain ownership with access and control over the data and website.
  • One-time payment while minting, with no further repayment or renewal charges.
  • There exists no limit to how many NFT domains one owner can own, which also gives the authority to sell, exchange, and trade anytime on Quik.com’s NFT domain marketplace.

Quik Plans


NFT domains offer a variety of applications, and Quik.com intends to expand new NFT domain discovery methods for its customers to encourage their creativity on the decentralized web, which is still in its infancy and is increasing.

Quik.com considers decentralized technology novel, even among the technological behemoths that dominated web 2.0.Quik.com aims to be the portal for its users to enter the decentralized web and embark on their journey alongside technological behemoths.

This will allow them to compete for side by side with the inevitable web 2.0 titans and allow everyone to connect with mass users looking for better solutions. As part of its efforts to expand the use cases for NFT domains and give its users the best possible experience in the decentralized environment, Quik.com is also working with several web development firms and developers.

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