Registrations open Google's "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" ED2

Registrations open Google's "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" ED2

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Google is accepting registration for the second edition of its "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders." The three-month program involves interactions with Google engineers, prospects for networking, business mentorship, etc.

Registrations open Google's "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" ED2

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Google has announced the registration of the second round of its "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" (1) to discover and encourage women entrepreneurs in India that employ technical solutions to address complex challenges significantly impacting society.

Registrations open Google's "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" ED2
Startup Accelerator: Women Founders is a three-month program for women in India that offers guidance and mentoring to start a successful business in India with networking opportunities across multiple working segments.

According to Program Manager, there are several initiatives for women in India aimed at supporting their business in areas such as mentoring, employing talent, and building connections that foster confidence in areas where societal upbringing may sometimes induce self-doubt among women.

Applications for the second edition of this program will be welcomed until June 4 (2), and selected participants will get assistance from Google and external network experts and mentors in technology, collaborative networking, fundraising, and product strategy.

Registrations open Google's "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" ED2

You will also get access to Google's global investors, mentors, and leaders from several fields. It comes in a full wrap of support for women-led startups in various industries, including healthcare, banking, eCommerce, and education.

It intends to address the issues women entrepreneurs in India encounter regarding business operation and management to foster confidence via a hybrid online and offline interaction paradigm.

The program will start with Google interacting with selected accelerators and mentors to identify the difficulties and help needed from the program and address and clarify their expectations and requirements.

Selected startups will go through Bootcamp, which will cover subjects such as:

  • Understanding human product ethics and assessing growth.
  • Product design and technology.
  • Objective Key Results workshops.

The last two months of the program will be dedicated to assisting women entrepreneurs in accomplishing their objectives by offering access to a worldwide network and on-demand 1:1 mentor sessions. They will be lined up with a dedicated Google Startup Success Manager who will guide them throughout the ending course.

Registrations open Google's "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" ED2

The graduating startups will be represented at a "Demo Day" with Google teams, mentors, venture capitalists, media, and other players from the Indian startup ecosystem. The Alumni program and network will continue to connect with graduated entrepreneurs externally.

Registration for this program is free since all that is required from you is registration, participation, time, energy, and effort to accomplish the project's primary objective. It also targets Seed to Series A technical growth-stage startups, but it must be based in India and founded by women.

It primarily targets early-stage women-led tech startups that have advanced past the "idea stage" and have achieved some level of customer assurance and market traction for their product or service. It is looking for innovative technology firms that can expand globally in the fields:

  • AI/ML
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment, etc.

Parallel to the application phase, Google evaluates the women's startup applications to confirm their eligibility for the program. Those chosen are then examined by an expert panel or their program team, which selects 30-40 startups for an interview and pitching session.

The women's startup is evaluated in terms of its challenge, solution, team, and scalability. It again shortlists startups from the interview and pitch session, and the selection board examines the final list.

The selected women-led startups get the program contract, sign the official announcement, and start the three-month program. If you are reading this and applying for the program, fill out all the required details about your startup, as incomplete applications will be rejected immediately.

Registrations open Google's "Startup Accelerator: Women Founders" ED2
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