Scary Fast: Apple Sends Official Invites for its Virtual Hardware Event

Scary Fast: Apple Sends Official Invites for its Virtual Hardware Event

Scary Fast, but what? The new M3 Chip or iMac? Let's Find Out!; Image Source: (0)

Apple has sent formal media invites for a virtual event titled “Scary Fast.” The event is set to be live-streamed on October 30 at 5 p.m. PT. Apple may release a new product, processor or possibly M3!

Scary Fast: Apple Sends Official Invites for its Virtual Hardware Event

Scary Fast, but what? The new M3 Chip or iMac? Let's Find Out!; Image Source: (0)

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Apple announced its plans for the special event on October 30 titled “Scary Fast.” This event is scheduled a day before Halloween. It promises to be a major moment for tech fans. Let’s break down in this guide all the things we can expect from the upcoming Apple virtual hardware event. 

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The event will commence at 5:00 p.m. PT on October 30. It will be live-streamed on Apple’s official website and is accessible to a global audience. This unusual evening timing deviates from Apple’s usual morning festivities and lends a touch of surprise to the occasion. The event will most certainly be streamed on YouTube. 

For now, Apple has been tight-lipped about which products will be presented at the “Scary Fast” upcoming event. However, rumours have already started to flood the internet with many predicting an upgraded 24” iMacs and new MacBook Pro versions to be announced. These MacBook Pro versions will be available in two sizes 16’ and 14’ inches.

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The rumoured Apple M3 CPU is expected to take the front stage during the announcement. It is the main feature of these new Macs and other Apple products. Apple’s usage of the tagline “Scary Fast” implies some big performance gains that the M3 chip is likely to provide. Along with that a follow-up model for the 24-inch iMac is one of the most anticipated products at the event. 

The previous 24-inch iMac was powered by an M1 CPU. It made a splash with its seven colour combinations and a 4.5K retina display with 500 nits of peak brightness. While the specifics of the new 24 iMac upgrades are yet kept under wraps, Apple’s drive to innovation ensures that it will be a compelling update for those looking for a powerful and visually vivid desktop experience. 

Significant improvements are also planned for the MacBook Pro family. Users can expect a boost in the processing power with the new M3 chip powering these laptops. It is surely to make them appropriate for demanding jobs ranging from content creation to software development. The addition of the M3 chip continues Apple’s practice of improving the performance of the devices with each successive generation. 

Note that the supply chain for certain products may suffer complexities. According to several reports, both iMac and MacBook Pro variants are currently in short supply and are experiencing shipment delays. The high-end MacBook Pro combinations and other iMac models and colours have had a severe supply issue. The “Scary Fast” event may not only demonstrate upgraded products but hopefully shall provide insight into Apple’s efforts to address supply concerns. 

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Apple’s Scary Fast event on October 30th promises to be a watershed moment for the tech community. The specifics of the product introductions are yet unknown but the event is expected to feature revised 24’ iMacs and new MacBook Pro models, both of which are powered by the Apple M3 CPU. The unusual evening timing and the tagline “Scary Fast” add to the intrigue of this virtual event. 

Apple fans and the industry are observing closely and we can expect to see the next level of performance and innovation brought into the market by these products. As the event approaches, the IT world awaits to see what Apple has in the store for its dedicated user base and the broader consumer market.

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