Startup Funding India

The biggest strength of Indian startups is that they don't just concentrate on one area of interest but rather cover a variety of themes, including e-commerce, social media, social networking, food delivery, Edtech, and digital payments. India does indeed boast the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world.

This is also referred to as "nation-building," where solving such issues benefits India's economy. Startups that focus on solving societal problems and some that address achieving global prominence have a youthful, fresh, and inspiring energy that attracts investors. Indian startups have always been innovative and affirmative with positivity, enhancing a new success story.

Startups frequently appear in reaction to problems that are widespread in their nations. This situation is too common in India, where most businesses aim to address societal issues. For this reason, we at Indiatech like studying and investing in Indian startups because of their unique approach to resolving regional and global issues.

Why do we love Indian Startups?

Our founder, @Sahil Kohli, began his professional career with a startup called XeroCopy in his early college years. This youth-focused initiative helped businesses and brands promote photocopies and integrate with crowds of college and university level students by subsidizing a photocopy factor of 1:10 operating in 21 colleges in Northern India.

He is now the founder of and several other significant subsidiaries. He is also a successful entrepreneur, and through his path of ups and downs, he maintained his commitment to his ideas and concepts, which helped him become a well-known figure who inspired many.

With this project, Indiatech aims to reach billions of Indians and a global audience, achieving a local and global flow of technical information and ideas in society.

Indiatech has launched its first-ever Angel Startup Funding section, welcoming all startups to collaborate and connect with us. Indiatech is willing to fund initiatives with a purpose and an aim, as well as a similar mindset to our founder, Sahil Kohli, to never give up on dreams and achieve something significant.

In the announcement, founder Sahil Kohli mentions,

This initiative he wishes to assist entrepreneurs in reaching their objectives by giving them a platform and resources to do so.

With good deeds and a courteous outlook, Indiatech wishes you the best on your journey and for joining us. We will aid and direct you in becoming the next TED Talker with your successful startup story.

What is Angel Investment?

An angel investor, who supports startups or entrepreneurs financially in exchange for equity in the business, is also referred to as a private investor, seed investor, or angel backer. The financing may come in the form of a one-time investment to get your business off the ground or a continuous infusion to help you and your business get through the challenging beginning.

Submit your idea below, and Indiatech & Timesnext could make an angel investment in your startup.