Stop sleeping next to your all-night-charging iPhone! Apple Warns

Stop sleeping next to your all-night-charging iPhone! Apple Warns

Apple users face life threatning risks; Image Source: (0)

Apple issued a warning for users sleeping close to their charging iPhones overnight and raised concerns of electric shock, severe injuries, property damage, and risk of exposure to fire.

Stop sleeping next to your all-night-charging iPhone! Apple Warns

Apple users face life threatning risks; Image Source: (0)

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Recently, Apple (1) released an official document issuing a warning about potential threats of sleeping next to a charging phone with possible consequences including:

  • Property Damage
  • Exposure to Fire spread
  • Electric Shock
  • Severe Injuries

The company is strongly advising its users to stop charging their phone and keeping it inside their blankets, or pillows and instead keep them in a ventilated area to ensure safe charging while their iPhones are connected to a power source.

Apple issued potential threats mentioned above as the consequence of keeping their phones in a heated atmosphere and strongly emphasize the importance of proper charging and associated risks of cable misconnection.

Consequences of Improper Ventilation

Apple's official statement, to be considered as its cautionary alert highlights the consequences of overnight charging related to the risk of overheating the user's iPhones or any phone in particular.

Forgetting your iPhone underneath your pillow or burying down your blanket or yourself might be a cozy experience or an unknown experience that happened due to immediate sleep but it could pose hazardous consequences.

The company mentions that when a device or phone is tucked in an obstructed situation and is unable to get proper ventilation it exposes to the risk of overheating and becomes substantial.

Overheating endangers the functionalities of your iPhone and could potentially lead to a never-imagined catastrophic outcome like fire. Apple's safety team also stretched the importance of avoiding the contact of skin with a charging cable or connector.

The company explains that prolonged contact with warm surfaces leads to discomfort and severe injuries led by electricity shock and such situations are not limited to simply sleeping but also when you place your charger or have a wireless charger under blankets.

Apple Recommends

Apple's precaution recommendation extends beyond overnight charging and delivers broader considerations relevant to safer charging. It starts by explaining the allure of leaving your iPhone under the pillow may expose you to blast or catching fire.

Apple recommends users always charge their iPhones in a ventilated zone and prevent overheating when electric source outflows. The company does not just recommend avoiding iPhones but also:

  • Wireless Charger
  • Power Adapter
  • Wearables

Apple recommends its users to avoid keeping all of these devices under a blanket, or pillow or exposing them to use skin under the body while connected to a power source not doing so could lead to a severe physical condition that might potentially hinder your ability to sense heat.

Apple also recommends users stop using third-party chargers since it might be a cheaper solution but also exposes highly to the risks mentioned above. Non-official chargers might not hold the same safety standards as the original.

Safety Points

Charging while sleeping is convenient since we get a ready-to-go charged device for the morning routine life of heading to the office or other tasks, or sometimes having a cozy conversation late at night but forgetting the device underneath.

However, it holds severe consequences which we have discussed earlier. If you missed or skipped the points mentioned, ensure to read through them as it could pose life-threatening conditions to your cozy conversations.

Apple mentioned if you need replacements for your damaged cables they simply prefer buying products that are labeled "made for iPhone" or if you wish to consider third-party labels then opt for USB 2.0 standards and check for relevant safety certifications.

Additional precautions include charging your phone with its screen facing upward, replacing damaged cables, avoiding moisturized or metallic objects coming in contact with your iPhone while you charge, and ensuring your safety.

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