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Dec 03
Why is "Twitter Files" trending, and who is Vijaya Gadde?
Dec 01
Musk accused Apple, while Zuckerberg referred to App Store policies as a "conflict of interest"
Nov 28
"We're recruiting," Elon Musk shared a Presentation from Twitter's Company Talk
Nov 24
This communication platform requests approval from the Indian government to launch the VoIP service
Nov 24
Google to lay off 10,000 employees over “Low Performance” criteria
Nov 24
This online streaming service introduced mandatory phone verification for anyone under 13
Nov 24
Rupee rose 26 paise while the US Dollar dropped as rising risk appetite
Nov 22
Top 9 technological inventions to be aware of before 2023
Nov 22
Indian workers endure a painful exit owing to US tech layoffs
Nov 22
The Indian stock market closed negative, while one stock lifted bars for whether to buy, sell, or hold
Nov 21
This Food Delivery company laid off 3% of its workforce while seeing a 4% decline in its stock price
Nov 20
Former US President Donald Trump is back on Twitter!
Nov 19
Following a controversy over an Indian speaker, Google implemented a new set of rules for HQ guest speakers
Nov 19
What exactly does Elon Musk need to run Twitter?
Nov 19
The government has released the Draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 with heavy fines of ₹200 crores plus
Nov 18
"RIP Twitter" is trending as Twitter witnesses mass resignations
Nov 17
Tata is in talks with global brands and plans to open 20 Beauty Tech outlets
Nov 17
Indian man with H1-B visa seeks aid finding work after being fired by Meta
Nov 16
Elon Musk to relaunch Twitter's blue check subscription, but why is Twitter in India slow?
Nov 15
Here’s a list of India’s most popular passwords