Tesla Gears Up for the Future: Two New EVs Announced at Shareholder Meeting

Tesla Gears Up for the Future: Two New EVs Announced at Shareholder Meeting

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Elon Musk announces plans for two new electric vehicles at Tesla's annual shareholder meeting, creating excitement and driving up Tesla's stock. Musk remains confident about Tesla's future amid financial discussions and technology forecasts.

Tesla Gears Up for the Future: Two New EVs Announced at Shareholder Meeting

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During Tesla's annual shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company's ambitious plan to develop two new electric vehicles (EVs), again making headlines in the EV industry. According to Musk, Tesla has already started building one of the two promised EVs.

The shareholder meeting was not short of a surprise as the billionaire entrepreneur provided a glimpse of the company's future endeavors. However, Musk did not divulge specific details about the upcoming vehicles, such as their names, features, or release dates. Instead, he gave a tantalizing hint, promising these new EVs would not disappoint.

In addition to announcing the new vehicles, Musk addressed a range of topics, including the company's remarkable financial performance and ongoing efforts to ramp up production. He acknowledged the automaker's challenges amid the global chip shortage but expressed optimism about Tesla's ability to navigate the crisis.

Musk also touched upon the topic of Tesla's autonomous driving technology. He reiterated his belief in Tesla's self-driving potential, even amid regulatory hurdles and skepticism from industry experts.

The news of the two new EVs has been well received by shareholders, leading to a surge in Tesla's stock price. The announcement marks another milestone for the automaker, which continues to dominate the EV market and set the bar high for competitors.

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