Top 10 Sites for reading Bitcoin & BTC Price News [2022 Updated]

Top 10 Sites for reading Bitcoin & BTC Price News [2022 Updated]

We have listed down ten bitcoin news websites you can follow to keep yourself updated with what is happening with bitcoin.


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The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is growing at a remarkable speed all over the world. This innovation has forced several governments around the globe to look into it. However, this field is still emerging, and it can be tough for someone to find trustworthy sources to follow what is happening in this space.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $382 billion. Bitcoin is the soul of the overall cryptocurrency industry. It started this financial revolution that has taken the world by storm. We have listed down ten bitcoin news websites you can follow to keep yourself updated with what is happening with bitcoin.

Top 10 Bitcoin News Websites:

1. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph was founded back in 2013. This independent bitcoin news outlet is among the leading news websites that cover this industry. Cointelegraph has a wide range of experts that cover bitcoin news and provide unbiased analysis of the bitcoin and other related things. This news outlet provides with latest happenings in the crypto and blockchain industry daily.

Visit Cointelegraph here.


Founded in 2022, covers various subjects related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The cryptocurrency news outlet provides its readers with the latest happenings in the crypto world. This bitcoin news, tron news & altcoin news outlet aims to educate its readers about the potential impact of the leading cryptocurrency on the traditional finance market.

Visit here.

3. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the leading news sites that cover the bitcoin and blockchain industry. It was founded in 2013 and was acquired by the Digital Currency Group in 2016. CoinDesk is equipped with various industry sources that help provide scoops and exclusive stories to journalists. It is among the most reputed and trustworthy news sources for bitcoin. Bitcoin news

Visit CoinDesk here.

4. Coinnounce

Coinnounce helps you provide your daily bitcoin news fix. The bitcoin news website covers various subjects related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The independent crypto news outlet publishes bitcoin price analysis regularly by focusing on the technical aspects of the leading cryptocurrency.

Visit Coinnounce here.

5. FXStreet

FXStreet covers various subjects, including Forex, the currency market, and cryptocurrencies. The business news outlet posts a daily analysis of bitcoin prices with an emphasis on the technical aspects. FXStreet is available in 16 languages, including Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, and traditional Chinese.

Visit FXStreet here.

6. NewsBTC

NewsBTC was launched in October 2013. The crypto news outlet brings you bitcoin price reviews, technical analysis, and other unique insights about cryptocurrencies. Initially, the news website started with the sole focus on educating its readers about bitcoin and its impact on the traditional finance industry. But now, it covers various altcoins and blockchain projects.

Visit NewsBTC here.

7. AMBCrypto

AMBCrypto is an independent cryptocurrency news platform. This crypto news portal made a name for itself in a very short period, as it was launched just a year ago in 2018. AMBCrypto provides its readers with the latest happening in the cryptocurrency industry. The crypto news portal focuses on BTC price news and provides technical analysis regularly.

Visit AMBCrypto here.

8. BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto brings its readers the hottest news related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The crypto news outlet operates from London, England. BeInCrypto strongly recommends publishing advertising material camouflaged as real news stories.

Visit BeInCrypto here.

9. CryptoGlobe

CryptoGlobe is a trustworthy source for the latest news and analysis of various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. The crypto news portal is known for providing accurate and high-quality analyses of BTC prices. CryptoGlobe's opinion pieces aim to call out dishonest schemes that are circulating in the cryptocurrency space.

Visit CryptoGlobe here.

10. CoinSpeaker

Coinspeaker delivers fast, accurate, and to-the-point news stories concerning various cryptocurrencies. The crypto news outlet encourages a diversity of opinions and hosts different viewpoints, evaluations, and analyses. This bitcoin news platform provides readers with accurate analysis and news from the crypto world.

Visit CoinSpeaker here.

These were our top 10 picks for the bitcoin news websites that you can visit to get your bitcoin news today. Bitcoin is an inevitable revolution, and getting trustworthy news is very crucial; and with these top websites, you can't get wrong

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