What is Samsung AI Live Translate Call? Let’s Explore

What is Samsung AI Live Translate Call? Let’s Explore

Understanding Samsung AI Live Translate Call and Samsung Gauss; Image Source: (0)

Samsung AI Live Translate Call is a real-time phone call translator. A feature released to reinvent the smartphone experience. This revolutionary AI technology shall put Samsung at the forefront of the AI race. Let's explore what exactly it is!

What is Samsung AI Live Translate Call? Let’s Explore

Understanding Samsung AI Live Translate Call and Samsung Gauss; Image Source: (0)

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Elevating Galaxy Phones

Samsung is planning to deploy several advanced AI features to its Galaxy devices early next year to preserve its lead in the AI race. The new AI Live Translate Call, a real-time translation service is one of its many inventions to transform the way of communication on smartphones. 

This feature, powered by on-device AI functionality and supplemented by Samsung’s cloud-based solutions is designed to be the user’s private translator. It can be accessed via the native Samsung phone call application, a business-focused feature.

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Understanding AI Live Translate Call

This breakthrough technical is at the heart of Samsung’s AI integration. It allows users to experience real-time translations during phone calls, removing language barriers and improving worldwide connection, one prime feature for international business interactions. 

This tool is distinguished by its emphasis on on-device AI processing, a purposeful effort by Samsung to prioritise user privacy and alleviate worries about third-party applications. The company says claims to provide efficient measures to protect user’s data. 

It officially released the statement mentioning that private conversations shall remain private within the device. It admitted the previous issues found with Bixby and also claimed will not repeat, as history is to learn.

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Samsung’s AI Vision

Samsung is boldly expressing its readiness to enter the AI frontier, drawing on years of dedicated development. The launch of the AI Translate Call is in line with the company’s larger goal of seamlessly integrating AI into Galaxy users’ interactions. 

This strategic move has put the company to compete with industry titans such as Google and Amazon, opening a new range of AI integrations. The much-awaited AI Translate Call is set to be released next year, corresponding with the possible arrival of the Galaxy S24 series. 

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These smartphones are likely to make use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 AI chip, which shall provide optimal performance when operating advanced AI features. While Samsung may follow Google Pixel’s exclusivity model, there is hope for more accessibility even on devices with less powerful hardware. 

Heated AI Landscape

As Samsung advances in real-time translation, industry competition is sure to heat up. The introduction of SK Telecom into the arena with its application, “A dot” also heralded a dynamic landscape in which firms like Apple and Google may join the contest. 

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The collaboration of telecom firms and tech giants in supplying advanced AI features foreshadows a future in which linguistic boundaries will be obsolete. Moreover, Samsung Gauss, another feature in its generative AI models was introduced at the Samsung Developer Conference Korea 2023.

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This new feature shall improve work productivity by incorporating sub-models such as Gauss language, Gauss Code and Gauss Image. Gauss, which is expected to be included in next devices such as the Galaxy S24, goes beyond language understanding, providing customers with a more intuitive and personalised experience. 

Samsung’s drive into advanced AI functions represents a substantial shift in smartphone capabilities and AI possibilities. The company’s effort to resolve privacy concerns, combined with new services such as AI Live Translate Call and Samsung Gauss, puts it as a significant player in changing the field of AI-driven smartphone experiences. 

As competition heats up, Samsung users can look forward to a future in which language is no longer a barrier

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