WhatsApp: A one-for-all social media tool

WhatsApp: A one-for-all social media tool

WhatsApp now supports screen share and landscape mode in video call (1)

Meta Platforms announced a new feature in WhatsApp that led the social media tool to become a one-for-all hub as it now supports screen share and landscape mode expanding its easy accessibility for personal and professional meet-ups.

WhatsApp: A one-for-all social media tool

WhatsApp now supports screen share and landscape mode in video call (1)

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Meta Platforms, the parent company of WhatsApp announced a new feature in its video call. The company now supports screen share and landscape mode offering a more immersive experience for personal and professional video conversations.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced this feature in a Facebook post wherein he shared his screen in landscape mode among his colleagues. He quoted, "We're adding the ability to share your screen during a video call on WhatsApp." (2)

Meta stretched the information and explained in detail about the screen share feature wherein it displays a "share" icon in the video call which then prompts you with two options, "display specific application," "share entire screen."

The new feature significantly improves and expands the capability of WhatsApp and its video call feature from simply being a F2F command-less feature while now having the potential to hold even a confidential business meeting.

The new feature is altruistic as it can be used for connecting with family groups on a video call and sharing memories, and photos, and even connecting peacefully all together via the landscape mode and even connecting with business colleagues to connect for a meeting or discuss confidential and hosting presentations.

Not limited to family and professional life, but the new feature can be used for schools & colleges to share and teach students directly on WhatsApp instead of relying on some third-party application, and even among friends for having a study session together or hanging out.

Meanwhile, some believe this inspiration comes from Discord but whatever it may be, it has surely upgraded WhatsApp, functionalities, features, and usefulness in several races of operations.

The screen-share feature of WhatsApp is now available on iOS, Android, and Desktop in a "phased" manner but since it is still new and rolling out, some users may not see the feature right away but they will eventually.

The company also started rolling out the Landscape mode alongside the share screen for its video call segment. Before we had to flip our devices to landscape and the other person too, but now it has become more convenient with the landscape mode.

Having installed the landscape mode is a smart decision since screen share with a portrait mode simply requires ant zoom and ruins the experience but doing so in the landscape brings comfort to the eyes.

Although it's late but also not too late, since relying on Google Meet, Teams, FactTime, or Zoom for a share-screen infused video conversation which links couples via WhatsApp, instead of directly doing so on WhatsApp, is a major competitive ground for video chat companies.

How to screen-share on WhatsApp?

You can now share your screen on WhatsApp, eliminating the requirement of Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or even Apple FaceTime, and hang out or meet your professional needs all at the same place.

Here's how to share screen on WhatsApp!

  • While on a video call, click on the "share" icon below
  • Select your preference, whether you wish to display the entire screen or a particular application.
  • Once done, you are ready to share your screen and converse alongside your friends, family, or colleagues.

WhatsApp allows users to conduct a video call with 32 people (3) and the introduction of the screen-share feature raised the bar entirely in the market and led to WhatsApp being a more functional tool than just a social media chat application.

The new feature would be handy for normal users and also brands and businesses in functioning their operations with easy access to several features. WhatsApp is currently on the high run introducing several major updates, worth watching what's next.

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