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We are excited to have you join our growing community of guest writers. If you value what we do at Indiatech.com and believe you can provide more expertise and information to our readers, join us as a Guest Post Writer today!

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Why IndiaTech?

Our guest posts differ from typical editorial posts since the major point we offer is 100% unbiased content, and we also don't take any payment for creating editorial articles.

Email us at editorial@indiatech.com to get in contact with our editorial staff.

What Topics can you write and not write for us?

A guest post needs to be well-written, thorough, and jam-packed with knowledge readers can use as inspiration. The blogs should inform readers of current industry trends, cutting-edge technological advancements, etc.

We are particularly interested in postings, articles, or blogs about the following subjects:

  • Indian Technology (Only)

We are not looking for postings, articles, or blogs about the following subjects:

  1. Cryptocurrency
  2. NFTs
  3. Blockchain Projects
  4. Gambling

Nor any other industries apart from TECH.

Are there any benefits to writing for us?

We have over 25K subscribers and are rapidly expanding due to our high-quality articles. We are excited to share your article with our large audience, who will read and reshare your work.

Social media is the new trend that has been the most successful audience driver. We hope to share your articles with our presence on Twitter for more exposure.

For your information, you will not pay for your articles to be published. We provide every writer with an opportunity and a place for expanding growth, as we are an open platform with an open-minded community.

Contact us with some writing samples from the past if you are a professional writer and believe you can produce outstanding articles for us. We will get the platform set up for you.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements:

  1. Content should be written in appropriate English without using online AI writing tools.
  2. Content must get appropriate research and relevant news and stories.
  3. Only two sources are permitted and must be mentioned using only numbers [for example: (1), - Link attached].
  4. Only websites with a DR above 80 and legitimate websites are permitted as sources, and ensure sources are not linked to any other websites.
  5. No backlinking is permitted.
  6. The content should be at least 1000 words long, and credits for all photos must be included while ensuring that the images do not breach copyright.
  7. The title should not contain the names of unfamiliar companies.

Note: Do not accept or pay anyone money in exchange for publishing a guest post on our website. This will result in the deletion of all previous posts published by you/your associates and a lifetime ban from publishing on our platform.

The types of Guest Posts that won't be accepted:

  1. Ensure you read the submission requirements and guidelines before submitting, and ensure the blog topic has yet to be covered.
  2. Noninformative or irrelevant topics won't be taken into account.

What happens after your Guest Post is submitted?

The article, blog, or post will be evaluated by our editor using the standards mentioned above & criteria. If the content meets the requirement, our editor will accept it, and we'll post it on our website.

The average timeframe for publishing a guest post is seven days.

The standards are strict, and the page is a little longer, but doing so will help cut down on spam submissions.

We're looking forward to some excellent pieces, and if we decide that you are a good fit, we'll get in touch with you to talk about the next steps and whatever else we need to do to publish your post.

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