Apple is hiring!

Apple is hiring!

Work at Apple (1)

Apple has been actively investing in generative AI. It is now calling global talent "Apple is hiring" to join forces with all focus on advancing its R&D for generative AI in its devices.

Apple is hiring!

Work at Apple (1)

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Generative AI means database reading wherein the AI generates new content from an existing database of information in the form of an AI image, AI text, or AI video. It can create an entire blog, edit a photo, or even process a video by submerging the data it holds, and also converse. Generative AI ingests several potential applications for creating an immersive and hypnotic experience. It can enhance imaginative creativity in reality by providing a personalized experience with its improvised and easy accessibility.

Apple has been intensely focusing on investing and expanding its generative AI segment and is now looking to hire global talent with major openings in the US, China, and France to develop generative AI tools. Apple is a job listing that displayed the roles and requirements from the global talent hunt where the company mentioned, they are seeking a candidate that holds a proven track record in applied Machine Learning research.

Moreover, the responsibilities of the candidate consist to train large-scale language and multimodal models on distributed backends, learning and examining policies that are personalized that can be personalized for its users, and deploying neural architectures for Apple devices. The job description exerts the company's interest in expanding the usage of ML and generative AI in a variety of channels such as enhancing its commonly popular Siri, the voice assistant.

It is anticipated that Apple may submerge AI generative abilities in Siri to enhance its capabilities and create a better and more immersive experience for Apple users. Moreover, Apple may also optimize generative AI for producing realistic avatars, VFX, and animations for its ARKit. Apple may also optimize AI generative for creating a more personalized experience for content generation and recommendations for other Apple services such as Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple News+.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook was also witnessed expressing his motivated viewpoints over generative AI in his interview with CNBC wherein he mentioned, "Apple views AI/ML as fundamental core technologies embedded in every product that company builds." This dictates the newer Apple devices we will experience are sure to come with enhanced generative responsive features creating a more personalized and affectionate experience for users.

He also mentioned Apple's interest in the past in researching AI and machine learning developments which also includes generative AI. In an interview with the Reuter, Tim expressed their long-time spending as well in R&D and higher investments in generative AI, as discussed. Currently, Apple's research and development spending is at the very maximum of $22.61 billion which is $3.12 billion higher than the previous year.

He openly expressed Apple's large-sum spending but brackets it by mentioning "it is for enriching people's experience using Apple devices." To the rising demand and Apple's higher plans, it is hiring for generative AI roles with 40+ results popping up on the job window. The postings include several roles such as Multimodal Generative Modelling Research Engineer, Visual Generative Modeling Research Engineer, to Machine Learning Engineer-Generative AI.

However, there are no accurate or official details as to what extent Apple is planning of utilizing the hired talent force related to artificial intelligence but there are some claims that Apple will optimize the technology to make Siri, and other products more functional as we discussed in the earlier segment. Since there are several chatbots in the market, having an AI-generative voice assistant-infused chatbot is something of a distinct feature, and if Apple develops such a feature, then it's way too far for competitors to catch with it.

But these are simply our claims and assumptions and we shall wait for official hearings from the company itself over its plans for hiring mass generative AI force. However, Apple is certainly not alone in the competition. Other tech giants such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft have been heavily investing in establishing and deploying generative AI tools and models which we have recently experienced efficiently like Brad, AlhpaGo, ReFace, GitHub Copilot, and Alexa Conversations that are very more personalized than Apple of today.

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