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Think Big and Act Big, Mukesh Ambani on Joint Venture with Walt Disney

Sony has announced a dramatic downsizing of its video game division, with the layoff of 900 employees worldwide and closing the London branch. This decision follows a reduction of the PlayStation 5 console’s annual sales decline.

Sony Takes Dramatic Steps as PlayStation Sales Dropped
‘Satya, I don’t mean… but’ Elon Musk is Not Happy with Microsoft
Vijay Shekhar Sharma is Now Ex-CEO of Paytm Payments Bank Limited
Is it Too Early to Delete Paytm?
Google to Shut Down Gmail From August 2024
Apple Launches PQ3 Quantum Encryption Protocol in iMessage
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List of Countries that Accept UPI From India: Updated 2024
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Why is Google Gemini AI Still Not Ready for Full-Fledged Use?
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What are VoWifi Calls? Understanding the Hype
Next-Gen Paper Tablet reMarkable 2 Now Available in India
Foldable iPhone or iPhone Flip? Let’s Find Out What’s Cooking at Apple!
AWS Announced a Space Tech Accelerator Program in India
Buy Apple Vision Pro, Its Price, Specs and Everything You Need to Know
No Promotion of TCS Employees: Return-to-Office
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