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Foldable iPhone or iPhone Flip? Let’s Find Out What’s Cooking at Apple!

Amazon Web Service India launched the Space Accelerator Program that offers up to $100,000 in AWS credits along with tech guidance and mentorship for space entrepreneurs. This initiative is in collaboration with T-Hub and Minfy.

AWS Announced a Space Tech Accelerator Program in India
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Galaxy AI, Samsung Galaxy S24 is Here!
What is Lumiere AI? A Text-to-Video Generative AI by Google
1,900 Employees Laid Off From The Gaming Division of Microsoft
Unboxing the Newly Launched Apple iOS 17.3 2024 Update
Ultra-Level Security Blanket Wraps Ayodhya for Ram Mandir Ceremony
Rabbit R1, a Year-Defining Innovation Approved by Satya Nadella
What is Rabbit R1? First Look at Perplexity AI
How to Search Engine Optimize a Blog? SEO Marketing Guide 2024
Top 5 Tech-Based Best Astrology Startups in India to Chat With Astrologers
A New Age of Layoffs as Apple Discontinues Data Operations Annotations Team
What To Do If ChatGPT Not Working? ChatGPT Alternatives
Mapping Tech Job Titles Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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