Unboxing the Newly Launched Apple iOS 17.3 2024 Update

Unboxing the Newly Launched Apple iOS 17.3 2024 Update

Everything you need to know about the latest Apple iOS 17.3 update; Image: IndiaTech

Apple officially released the latest iOS 17.3 update globally, kicking off 2024. The latest Apple update includes major enhancements that have left the tech community in awe. So, let's not wait any longer and unbox the iOS 17.3 update to see what Apple has in store for 2024.

Unboxing the Newly Launched Apple iOS 17.3 2024 Update

Everything you need to know about the latest Apple iOS 17.3 update; Image: IndiaTech

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Following the introduction of Apple iOS 17.2 last month, the latest iOS 17.3 update focuses on enhancing security. Apple officially launched major new enhancements including the unique Stolen Device Protection feature, a collaborative playlist feature, a new Unity Lock Screen wallpaper and other several enhancements.

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What’s New in Apple iOS 17.3 Update?

Stolen Device Protection is the spotlight-stealing element of the latest Apple iOS 17.3 update release. Adding an extra degree of protection, a Face ID or Touch ID is now required for accessing saved passwords, applying for an Apple card or changing sensitive settings.

Notably, critical actions are subject to a security delay that requires two successful biometric authentications after an hour, ensuring a strong shield against unauthorised access. Here’s how to enable stolen device protection:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Face ID and Passcode
  3. Enter your device's passcode
  4. Scroll down to Stolen Device Protection
  5. Click ‘Turn On’

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Apply Music now supports collaborative playlists in the latest iOS 17.3 update. It allows to construct playlists together, allowing each member the ability to add, reorder and remove tracks. Moreover, it now supports emoji reactions on the now playing music in the playlist.

Here’s how to create a collaborative playlist on Apple Music:

  1. Open the Apple Music app
  2. Open any playlist or create a new playlist
  3. Click on the above ‘people icon’ or three dots and then click on collaborate
  4. To add, tap ‘Add Members’ and enable ‘Approve Collaborators’
  5. Now click ‘Start Collaboration’

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Apple also released a new Unity wallpaper to commemorate Black History Month and Black culture. This aesthetic addition adds diversity to the user interface. Also, here are some other notable enhancements released in the latest Apple iOS 13.7 update:

  • AirPlay Hotel Support: AirPlay allows users to stream entertainment directly to their TVs in select hotels.
  • AppleCare & Warranty: The Settings menu now shows coverage for all devices associated with the user's Apple ID.
  • Crash Detection Optimisation: All iPhone 14 and 15 models now have crash detection features optimised.

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The iOS 17.3 update is a well-rounded improvement that includes improved security features such as Stolen Device Protection, collaborative music experiences, aesthetic changes with the Unity wallpaper, and optimisations across a variety of functions. 

With these substantial enhancements, Apple continues to prioritise user experience and device security, laying the groundwork for a more robust mobile ecosystem.

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