Incomplete KYC FasTags to Get Deactivated by Jan 31: Here’s How to Avoid It

Incomplete KYC FasTags to Get Deactivated by Jan 31: Here’s How to Avoid It

Learn everything you need to know about FasTag; Image Source: (0)

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) intends to deactivate FASTags without comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) authentication by January 31. You must follow specified actions outlined by NHAI to avoid deactivation.

Incomplete KYC FasTags to Get Deactivated by Jan 31: Here’s How to Avoid It

Learn everything you need to know about FasTag; Image Source: (0)

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NHAI launches the "One Vehicle, One FASTag" project to expedite toll collection and avoid the misuse of FASTags across many vehicles. According to the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, FASTags without adequate KYC will be blocked after January 31.

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To avoid potential deactivation, you must confirm the FASTag's KYC status before the deadline. NHAI emphasises the importance of comprehensive KYC in maintaining current FASTag usage and phasing out older FASTags associated with the same person and vehicle.

Check FasTag KYC Status

NHAI offers an easy-to-use website for checking KYC status and completing verification online. 

  1. You can access its customer portal at
  2. Log in with your registered cellphone number
  3. Browse the "My Profile" section
  4. The "KYC" sub-section should indicate the current status and allow you to change information as needed.

To complete KYC, the NHAI requires the following documents: 

  • The vehicle's Registration Certificate (RC)
  • A passport-size image of the owner
  • Appropriate documents based on the owner's category (individual or corporate). 

You can also update your KYC offline by visiting the bank that issued your FASTag. All you have to do is fill out and complete the form and submit the required papers. The bank will validate the information and update the FASTag accordingly.

The NHAI also provides a toll-free helpline (1033) for anyone who has FASTag-related questions. You can seek support or clarification on the KYC process to guarantee a seamless transition and compliance.

Behind The Scenes

The NHAI is taking this move to address concerns about multiple FASTags issued for a single vehicle, as well as instances of FASTags issued without sufficient KYC, which violates RBI rules. The initiative's goal is to increase efficiency while reducing misuse.

What is a FasTag?

FASTag is a pre-paid tag facility that uses Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to facilitate automatic toll fee deduction. Vehicles without FASTags must pay double tolls at electronic toll plazas, as mandated by the government on February 15, 2021.

FASTags are available at a variety of sites, including banks, national highway tax plazas and petrol stations. KYC documentation, such as the vehicle's RC, identity and residence evidence of the owner, and a passport-size photo, are required to buy FasTag online or offline.

The NHAI’s proactive strategy of deactivating incomplete KYC Fastages emphasises the importance of regulatory compliance and efficient toll collection. If you haven’t completed your FasTag KYC, then follow the above-given steps and do it before Jan 31. 

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