TunnelBear - VPN Specs & Features Review

TunnelBear - VPN Specs & Features Review

TunnelBear - VPN Specs & Features Review

TunnelBear does not reveal how many servers it has in its bag. However, knowing the number of servers is always useful for determining speed. But it sure has a high-performance rate. Let us learn more about the hideous Bear in the Tunnel!

TunnelBear - VPN Specs & Features Review

TunnelBear - VPN Specs & Features Review

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🚀 The 3 Main Features

  1. TunnelBear does not log files. TunnelBear claims it does not log files as it is certified with independent third-party audits (stamp approved).
  2. TunnelBear provides a free version for users with an average monthly requirement of 500 MB.
  3. TunnelBear has a 4.5/5 rating on iOS and Android. It features affordable pricing and plans for all. Its features are limited but effective.

🎨 First Impressions

We had mixed feelings about TunnelBear. If we had to rate it, we'd say "above average." It has high speeds despite not disclosing how many servers it has. It has a strict no-logs policy (very transparent).

It works in China (IKR) and supports multiple secure VPN protocols. It also provides users with adblockers and browser extensions (perk). It enables P2P torrenting and has a comprehensive privacy policy.

🤔 Who Should Use It?

  • TunnelBear is ideal for all purposes. But!
  • Businesses (departments) should use caution because it does not reveal the number of servers. It may have an impact on speed amid a huge workload.
  • We would not recommend it for Kindle readers or gamers.
  • We recommend it for average viewers with average streaming needs.

💰 Pricing

It offers three different plans to meet the needs of every user. We recommend TunnelBear for its diversity in the plan.

  • Free: It comes with unlimited data bandwidth. You can also see if it's a good fit before committing to the paid plan!
  • 1 Month: INR 826.49 (All Features Unlocked)
  • 1 Year: INR 412.83/mo (All Features Unlocked)
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