Mozilla - VPN Specs & Features Review

Mozilla - VPN Specs & Features Review

Mozilla - VPN Specs & Features Review

Mozilla VPN is the most casual VPN available. Its privacy is solid, and it offers affordable subscriptions. But is it worth the cost? Let’s find out!

Mozilla - VPN Specs & Features Review

Mozilla - VPN Specs & Features Review

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🚀 The 3 Main Features

  1. Mozilla iOS includes an automatic Kill Switch "on" feature, also available for Windows devices. On the other hand, Android users must manually turn it on and off.
  2. It also offers WireGuard encryption, an open-source approach for a fast and secure connection.
  3. Mozilla supports P2P torrenting since it uses the same servers as Mullvad. It also allows torrenting of recent Marvel movies! (Any Marvel fans here? Good for you)

🎨 First Impressions

We had a negative first impression of Mozilla. First, it might be forced to hand over user information to the US government. It could include any information they obtain, your IP address, or other credentials.

Second, split tunneling is only available to Android users. Although it offers several features, it is powered by Mullvad but is more expensive. It has a simple design with a multi-hop feature. However, its performance rate is fine!

🤔 Who Should Use It?

It has several drawbacks. It is certainly a nightmare for users concerned about their privacy. As a result, we recommend it to casual users. We also recommend it for everyday use at home. Streaming episodes, anime, or other videos, for example.

💰 Pricing

It is expensive compared to the features and tools it provides. At this price, there are undoubtedly better VPNs on the market.

  • 1 Month: INR 826.53
  • 6 Months: INR 579.15
  • 1 Year: INR 412.85
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