Private Internet Access - VPN Specs & Features Review

Private Internet Access - VPN Specs & Features Review

Private Internet Access - VPN Specs & Features Review

The name perfectly describes what it does! Private Internet Access provides you with private internet access "from anywhere of anywhere." Let's have a look at its "Anywhere" capabilities!

Private Internet Access - VPN Specs & Features Review

Private Internet Access - VPN Specs & Features Review

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Private Internet Access is a native Denver company. However, the United States is not the best location for a VPN. But don't worry. PIA has a no-logs policy!

🚀 The 3 Main Features

  1. PIA maintains a strict no-logs policy. It indicates that no user information or data is collected or stored. It is serious about user privacy. It records no browsing activity, connection, or bandwidth (safe).
  2. PIA has over 10,000 servers spread over 83 countries.
  3. PIA offers a global network with a connection speed of 10 Gbps. It features some of the fastest VPN protocols today. You will never experience lags, buffering, or freezing when running PIA VPN.

🎨 First Impressions

Overall first impressions of Private Internet Access are positively balanced. It offers very decent Pricing compared to others. The package is loaded with several features. Although the interface is outdated, the service isn't, so don't worry!

It is among the fastest and most secure providers. It has all of the following security features and protocols:

  • OpenVPN
  • AES-256
  • DNS Leak Block
  • Kill Switch
  • WebRTC Block, etc.

It is a secure VPN that follows a no-logs policy (So it does not track or monitor your online activity). PIA is compatible with all devices and has apps for:

  • Android
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Chrome Extension
  • Firefox Extension
  • Opera Extension

It does provide Netflix streaming services through servers in the United States and Germany. However, it is incompatible with other Netflix libraries. But don't worry. It does grant access to a selection of other streaming services. P2P Torrent Support!

It has a restricted number of streaming options. It does not work well with Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, or most other services.

It only works with Netflix in the United States and Germany (thankfully, BBC iPlayer). The monthly package is pricey and does not include a free or trial version.

🤔 Who Should Use It?

  • It is for anyone looking for average streaming or foreign content.
  • For companies and startups who need a secure VPN.
  • We highly recommend PIA VPN for gaming!

You should fully comprehend its performance rate if it can perform games smoothly.

💰 Pricing

There is no discrimination among plans, as each includes all features and protocols. The only difference is the price!

  • 1 Month: INR 900.70
  • 1 Year: INR 250.83/mo
  • 3 Years: INR 150.08/mo

The pricing will not change if you select the monthly plan and extend it for a year. It will continue to operate following the plan you set. So, Choose wisely!

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