No More Cookies, Google Has Started Testing Tracking Protection

No More Cookies, Google Has Started Testing Tracking Protection

Global concerns have been raised over Google's privacy policies; Image Source: (0)

Breaking News! Google has disabled third-party cookies in Chrome, altering internet privacy. The tech giant is testing Tracking Protection as part of the Privacy Sandbox with a global implementation scheduled for 2024.

No More Cookies, Google Has Started Testing Tracking Protection

Global concerns have been raised over Google's privacy policies; Image Source: (0)

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Google has begun testing Tracking Protection, a game-changing tool aimed at preventing access to third-party cookies and drastically altering the internet user privacy landscape. 

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This change, which is part of the wider Privacy Sandbox program, is expected to be rolled out globally to Google Chrome users by the second half of 2024.

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Users will be able to temporarily re-enable third-party cookies for specific websites that are experiencing compatibility concerns. 

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No more worrying about how to clear Google cookies!

Tracking Protection: A New Saga of Google Cookies

Tracking Protection is currently being tested among 1% of Chrome's global users, with a wider release anticipated. This strategic shift is predicated on addressing competition concerns raised by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The strategy to disable third-party cookies started in 2020, with Google committing to a two-year phase-out plan. However, the CMA initiated an investigation in 2021, expressing worries about the impact on online advertising and potential market domination. 

In 2022, legally obligatory agreements were made to ensure engagement with regulatory organizations during the development of Privacy Sandbox technologies. Google proposed FLoC as a cookie replacement in 2021.

However, it was met with controversy, leading to its replacement with "Topics" in 2022. Topics are based on the Chrome browser's ability to identify users' interests based on their browsing history, with privacy prioritized by avoiding sensitive categories. 

Despite Google's claims that user privacy is a top priority, a recent $5 billion settlement in a monitoring practices case raised even more concerns. Allegations of tracking users in Incognito mode draw Google's commitment to privacy into question, prompting more investigation despite the shift away from third-party cookies. 

Privacy Sandbox by Google A Debate

As Google advances, critics raise fear that Privacy Sandbox's unique tracking technologies may transfer user data storage to devices. Privacy activists recommend apps like Privacy Badger to combat Chrome's expanding tracking settings, emphasizing concerns about the browser's shifting role. 

The industry's reaction differs, with some seeing Google's move as anti-competitive, while others welcome the new tracking capabilities. But no matter what, Google continues to control the digital landscape by retaining first-party cookies for website functionality. 

This highlights the delicate balance between user privacy and enjoyment. In the quest for web browsing supremacy, the pursuit of privacy in the digital age persists, affecting industrial norms and determining the future of online interactions.

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