Rejected as a Peon, Burned Certificates and Now A Shark with 4 Crore Business

Rejected as a Peon, Burned Certificates and Now A Shark with 4 Crore Business

The Story of RodBez on Shark Tank India; Image Source: (0)

A unique story unfolded on Shark Tank India when a rejected peon candidate turned entrepreneur pitched his taxi business and received ₹4 crores valuation.

Rejected as a Peon, Burned Certificates and Now A Shark with 4 Crore Business

The Story of RodBez on Shark Tank India; Image Source: (0)

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RodBez at Shark Tank India

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India, Dilkhush and Siddharth, two young entrepreneurs from Bihar, impressed the judges with their taxi service business idea. What distinguishes their pitch is Dilkhush's story, in which, despite rejection and struggle, he created his road to success through determination and innovation.

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Dilkhush’s Story

A story that started with a rejection for a job role of peon for not identifying the Apple logo, he found himself at a crossroads, tormented by disappointment and uncertainty. But instead of surrendering to despair, Dilkhush made a daring decision that changed the path of his life. 

With limited resources but a limitless drive, he resorted to YouTube to learn skills that paved his way to success. He learned coding and seized the opportunity to create an application. His initial venture provided him with profits to pave another road for a bigger goal. 

He then entered the taxi business sector, with an imaginative innovation that would then alter the sector and also his life. Launching RodBez on the streets of Bihar, Dilkhush created a cab service provider app, recognising the potential of developing the digital economy. 

A Pitcher!

His Shark Tank India proposal wowed the judges with its clarity of vision and entrepreneurial drive. Ritesh Agarwal, in particular, was struck by Dilkhush's tenacity and offered him a deal that demonstrated his belief in the venture's potential.

The offer of Rs 20 lakh at 5% equity, combined with Rs 30 lakh in debt at 12% interest, was more than just an investment; it validated Dilkhush's path from rejection to redemption. Despite other options, Dilkhush chose to accept the offer provided by Ritesh and Vineeta Singh, recognising the significance of their knowledge and support.

Dilkhush and Siddharth's success story exemplifies the transforming force of entrepreneurship, which transcends circumstance and convention. Their journey from rejection to recognition demonstrates the human spirit's endurance and the limitless possibilities that emerge when resolve meets opportunity.

Watch the entire episode of Shark Tank India S3 featuring RodBez here:

As Shark Tank India continues to highlight stories of innovation and inspiration, Dilkhush and Siddharth's story serves as a beacon of hope for budding entrepreneurs throughout the country. Their narrative is one of tenacity, perseverance, and the unwavering pursuit of ambitions, reminding us that greatness can arise from the most unlikely of beginnings.

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