Apple streamlines devices into ordinary with USB-C ports!

Apple streamlines devices into ordinary with USB-C ports!

Apple iPhone 15 launch! Save the date (1)

Apple month is near with several unboxing to occur starting from iOS 17, its much-awaited iPhone 15, Apple watch series 9, and several long-list of events.

Apple streamlines devices into ordinary with USB-C ports!

Apple iPhone 15 launch! Save the date (1)

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Apple's highly anticipated flagship smartphone iPhone 15 is all set for a release and rumors spat it's not too far but September. It is expected to launch several new features with improvised compatibility and performance and other specifications which makes it the most anticipated smartphone of the year.

It is expected the new Apple 15 series to have a fresh design with amplified optical zoom and upgraded performance ability. Rumors are speculating that the company has advised its employees not to take leaves as the coming September is set for several Apple product launches.

Moreover, the device also has a newly set curved edge, thinner bezels, and a sleek look that features a premium outlook. The core factor of the release is that the coming iPhone 15 and all four new models are expected to have Dynamic Island and USB-C ports and not the all-time lightning connector.

However, for the pro models, it is anticipated that there will contain a titanium frame by replacing its all-time stainless steel to give the phone a super-premium outlook and create a standard of itself.

It is certainly not the first time Apple has made an announcement specifically in September and to be more specific 13 September is the rumored date of release. Going according to the speculated date, then the company will open its window for pre-orders by 15 and a week later will start rolling out the devices publicly.

Apple iPhone 15

Apple's iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are anticipated to be powered by A16 Bionic Chip which we witnessed in the iPhone 14 Pro series. There exists a generational upgrade where we witness old Pro variant chips in the new smaller variant of iPhone and new chip launch in the new Pro variants.

Again this time we are witnessing the old Pro chip in the new smaller variants of the iPhone while the upgraded version of the Pro variants will consist A17 chip with a promising performance enhanced with advanced AI ML.

It is also expected the greater Pro variant to have a periscope lens with enhanced optical zoom which is surely a piece of good news for professional and aesthetic Instagram photographers.

Apple Watch

Apple is also about to announce its fresh Apple watch series but it is anticipated not to be a major but an ordinary update that comes with an S9 processor with 41mm and 45mm stainless steel and aluminum variants and its watchOS 10.

The Apple watch series is a simple upgrade with no new features or sensors rumored to be released. Moreover, Apple is also in a massive plan of releasing a second-generation Apple watch Ultra with a microLED transition.

We can witness the S9 chip in this Ultra watch and new colors are anticipated to be released. Watch and Mobile have forever been Apple's all-time hits but there are surprises to be announced which makes September, an Apple month.

Unboxing more surprises

Rumors galore as many are expecting Apple to launch USB-C port-based AirPods Pro 2 alongside the other major announcements. We can expect AirPods Pro 2 to have iOS 17 support which is also to launch in the main event.

We are also expecting Apple to tease or give hints some details on its upcoming Apple Vision Pro as during the WWDC 2023 keynote it said that the product will be released in early 2024 so we surely could demand a few details about in this main event, demand several Apple followers.

Apple Wrap

Apple month is near and is sure to havoc the consumer electronic segment. However, these events we discussed are possible announcements Apple could possibly deliver but for the moment iPhone 15 is its "first priority."

Moreover, new models and software related to iPad and Mac are to be released in October since it has already released the beta version to test and run. Now that we are aware of the possible events, we will update you ASAP once the official date gets released for the Apple galore.

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