Flipkart Scam: Man ordered a 1 lakh high-end Sony TV Instead Received a Low-End Thompson

Flipkart Scam: Man ordered a 1 lakh high-end Sony TV Instead Received a Low-End Thompson

A New Flipkart Fraud Viral On Social Media; Image Source: (0)

New year, new Flipkart scam. The dhamaka sale resulted in a shocking fraud to a Flipkart customer who took to Twitter to express his displeasure and warn other customers and merchants to use safe eCommerce shopping practices.

Flipkart Scam: Man ordered a 1 lakh high-end Sony TV Instead Received a Low-End Thompson

A New Flipkart Fraud Viral On Social Media; Image Source: (0)

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Throughout the year, the eCommerce sector experienced a surge in sales, attracting a large number of customers. However, issues such as obtaining wrong or damaged products while ordering from online platforms are not uncommon. In a recent event, a disappointed customer took to social media to share his ordeal, illustrating the problems that eCommerce buyers may confront.

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Flipkart Scam Case Study: Aryan’s Misdelivered Television

On October 25, 2023, Aryan (@thetrueindian) on X (formerly Twitter) shared his dissatisfaction with eCommerce giant Flipkart. On October 7, Aryan ordered a Sony television, with estimated delivery slated for October 10. A technician was supposed to install the high-quality television system in Aryan’s home the following day, everything was going perfectly fine. 

While unboxing, Aryan and the technician were left in shock as instead of a Sony television, there was a Thomson set in the box. To make matters worse, the box was missing essential accessories such as a stand and also the remote. To which Aryan phoned Flipkart’s customer support right away to report the issue and request a refund. He was instructed to provide images of the television and back up his claim.

Despite complying with the company’s request and submitting the necessary documentation, Aryan voiced dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in fixing his problem. Even after two weeks, his return request had not been handled, despite Flipkart repeatedly extending the resolution date. Such a mishappening was more than an inconvenience for Aryan. It left him in stress and anguish and jeopardised his plans to celebrate the ICC World Cup 2023 grandly. 

In response to reader comments, Aryan revealed that the delivery was managed by the logistics company Delhivery. Notably, Omnitechretail was the seller, and open-box shipping was not offered. The social media community after his tweet rallied around offering assistance and sharing similar experiences. Some suggested taking legal action by filing a complaint with a customer court, while others suggested utilising credit card protection. 

Flipkart Open Box Delivery FAQ: (2)

If the transaction was done with a credit card, one user advised Aryan to file a chargeback and send a detailed email detailing the issue. Aryan’s horrific situation prompted others to file their complaints with Flipkart, most especially regarding electronic products. One customer mentioned a case in which they purchased a monitor only to discover that it was damaged upon arrival. The customer picked open box delivery and was able to evaluate the merchandise before receiving it, preventing any problems. Such are the stories that serve as cautionary case studies, stressing the importance of exercising caution when shopping online. 

A Lesson To All

Despite the convenience of eCommerce, Aryan’s experience serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that consumers may face when navigating the landscape. While eCommerce platforms evolve to meet the demands of the digital age, incidents like these emphasise the significance of comprehensive quality control, effective dispute resolution and dependable logistics to ensure that customers receive the things they want and deserve. 

To safeguard your online shopping experience, always be cautious, understand the laws, ethics and rights and look into available remedies. However, happenings from such huge platforms raise the concerns of users from even opting for small sellers but being aware of consumer rights and laws is always beneficial to deal with such situations.

What to do if a Wrong Product is Received Online? 

  1. Immediately request a replacement, repair or refund from the vendor/eCommerce platform.
  2. If the vendor or eCommerce platform does not react within 30 days, register a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum/Commission within two years of the occurrence of the problem.
  3. Prepare the complaint with all relevant facts, attach supporting papers and state the amount of compensation requested. 
  4. Send the complaint via registered mail or online on the National Government Services Portal (3).
  5. If you are dissatisfied with Forum’s decision, you get 30 days to appeal to the Appellate Authority.
  6. Also don’t forget to optimise social media like Aryan. It always comes in handy.
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