How to get a lifetime warranty at OnePlus, exclusive to India

How to get a lifetime warranty at OnePlus, exclusive to India

Lifetime warranty at OnePlus store near me (0)

OnePlus is offering a lifetime warranty by conducting free screen replacement for users facing green line issues on their screens.

How to get a lifetime warranty at OnePlus, exclusive to India

Lifetime warranty at OnePlus store near me (0)

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Several users in the recent have been witnessing a major issue of concern "green line" appearing on their OnePlus smartphone's screen which is an OLED screen and has caused severe distress among its user base, specifically high-end models (1).

OnePlus (2) is technically the first brand to acknowledge such a concern despite they could have ignored or charged heavily for the change of screen. There are also cases happening on Samsung but with hefty repair charges, half more than the device's price leaving users unhappy leading to a change of brand.

OnePlus is now officially offering a lifetime warranty for its smartphones with green line occurrences wherein the company claims to replace the displays of affected devices free of cost.

However, this warranty campaign by OnePlus is exclusively available in and for India and nowhere. The company quoted its acknowledgment for the inconvenience affected to the users and has apologized publicly for it.

OnePlus instructed all the affected users for visiting their nearest OnePlus service center and submit their devices and raise the concerns and the company will free of cost replace the screen "without any charges" quoted.

However, there are devices whose manufacturing has been stopped and are on a dead end like the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 series so for that the company is offering a value voucher with a fair percentage of the device value so that users could with ease upgrade to a new version.

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How to get a lifetime warranty on OnePlus?

If you are one of the affected users of green line then all you have to do is visit the nearest OnePlus service centre and the support team will replace the device's screen for free endless time depending on the availability of the device's generation.

However, according to the announcement OnePlus is offering value vouchers to upgrade devices for users with green line concerns due to the unavailability of screen replacement on devices OnePlus 8 Pro, 8T, 9, and 9R.

OnePlus made it clear that the screen replacement for free is only available in India which is a sensitive market and since the successful run of the company in the country, this surely is a smart move.

Sometimes, there occurs availability and unavailability of parts in some locations and not in so the unavailable models also depend on the availability of spare parts at your nearby service center.

However, those obtaining vouchers must complete the purchase of their upgrade version from the OnePlus India website and not via external sources or retail websites and the company is also offering a certain incentive for those opting for OnePlus 10R.

How does OnePlus voucher work?

OnePlus is offering heavy vouchers for users whose device's screen replacement is not available such as OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 series. The company is legit offering an additional INR 4,500 discount bonus for those upgrading to OnePlus 10R.

So, cracking down on the deal, if you are having trouble with the green light with your OnePlus 8T, you are eligible for INR 20,000 voucher and along with that INR 4,500 voucher if you are opting to upgrade to OnePlus 10R (current price: INR 34,999).

According to the concerns raised by several users, the green link is occurring out of nowhere, automatically on the screen without any physical damage in a vertical manner. Some common reasons are, "the green line appearing after the software update."

The root of this issue is yet to be discovered but it sure is a moment of amaze witnessing a brand acknowledging such concerns and offering worth it solutions to the problems of its users.

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