The second public wave of iOS 17 Beta is Live! How to install iOS 17 beta on iPhone

The second public wave of iOS 17 Beta is Live! How to install iOS 17 beta on iPhone

Apple (1) The second public wave of iOS 17 Beta is Live! How to install iOS 17 beta on iPhone

The first wave of the beta version was released 3 weeks back exclusively for registered developers, but the current version is accessible to the public.

The second public wave of iOS 17 Beta is Live! How to install iOS 17 beta on iPhone

Apple (1) The second public wave of iOS 17 Beta is Live! How to install iOS 17 beta on iPhone

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Apple released the second wave of iOS 17 Beta for eligible devices featuring similar content as in the fourth developer beta which was released last week and is all set to rise the heat with hot features focused on enhancing "user experience."

The second public wave of iOS 17 Beta is Live! How to install iOS 17 beta on iPhone

Apple also released the fourth developer beta last week, showcasing brand-new features.

A developer beta release can only be accessed by users that have registered themselves as "developers" by paying $99 per year on Apple's official website.

The features released this past week include a change in icons, a new layout of Apple's messaging app, the removal of the Photo Stream feature, and introduced a new option enabling users to disable AirDrop transfer by bringing together two Apple devices.

Moreover, Apple has also given the ability for users or developers to submit their feedback via Feedback Assistant App. However, the beta version is to test and run and does not indicate any signs of the actual version being released any sooner.

Since Apple is quite known for releasing its iOS updates alongside the launch of new devices we can hopefully consider September or later to be the release month of the actual version of iOS 17.

Users must understand that Beta version are always for testing the devices and does not provide strong or smooth working software. It might sometimes cause app failure or battery drainage or other concerns so be informative and cautious while downloading & installing.


iOS 17 has been considered one of the significant updates Apple has released over the years. There have been severe changes in interface and experience that have tempted several users to get their hands on the released beta version.

Everyone wants to stay ahead and not fall back in this forever-updated generation. The beta version means "still work in progress" which also means it may have some "bugs" and you simply get to use the unfinished work being the subject who would then review it to make changes for the actual version.

Possible symptoms of having a bug in the update:

  • Battery drain faster than usual
  • Wallpaper or customer skins loading error
  • Crashing of applications
  • Lag/slow speed is very common

What's New?

The recent release of Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold5 & Galaxy Z Flip5 surely caused havoc among super-premium smartphone buyers but the recent update released by Apple including brand-new features has turned back the heads yet again.

What's new in iOS 17?

  • New custom holographic stickers
  • Vivid contact posters
  • StandBy Mode
  • Check-In to automatically notify your friends or family that you have arrived at your destination
  • A new (+) button for merging all your iMessage in one spot
  • A search filter
  • Transcription of audio messages
  • Sharing & Requesting locations

Tempting already! iOS is improving strongly in terms of features, accessibility, interface, and applications which it lacked against Android. The recent update will surely create havoc in the market which is expected to release in September.

How to install iOS 17 on iPhone

Before moving toward the steps to install iOS 17 beta on iPhone understand that this public beta version is only available for iPhone XS and higher-end models including SE 2/3 and is not available for iPhone X and lower-end models.

Step 1: Open your General Settings and launch Software Update and tap on Beta Update where you can confirm if the beta version is available for you to install.

Step 2: Now launch Safari and search "," and sign in with your credentials. Then in the Get Started section in iOS 17, you will find highlighted "enroll your iOS device." Simply tap and open.

Step 3: Now it will navigate you back to where we left off in Step 1 and then select iOS 17 Beta and swipe back to Software Update page and refresh.

Step 4: The update size is 6.25GB but before downloading & installing the update make sure to backup your device and then click Download & Install.

Apple Note

Understand that the beta version is a test version and a minor bug might cause complications on your device. If you are a sole iPhone user then avoid installing one since your banking or other sensitive application might crash, leaving you to worry and regret.

Simply wait for the actual version as it is not too far from coming and will soon be publicly released. But if you want a heads up to know and experience the new iOS, it sure is worth a try as the features are tempting!

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