Meet Ola's new sport-edition EV scooter

Meet Ola's new sport-edition EV scooter

Ola is revolutionizing scooter segment of India (0)

Ola launched a new S1X EV Sport-Edition scooter with a mission to free India from petrol on Independence Day!

Meet Ola's new sport-edition EV scooter

Ola is revolutionizing scooter segment of India (0)

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India's largest electric scooter brand, Ola Electric launched a new sport-edition Ola S1X EV scooter dubbed "End Ice Age" with a core motive of providing freedom from petrol-powered bikes on Independence Day (1).

The freedom from petrol-powered bikes and the rise of electric models is Ola's new mission to advance itself in the rising Indian market. The new EV scooter is available in two variants with a wide range of 150 km at affordable pricing.

Unboxing Ola's Mega Event

Ola Electric calls their new sport-edition S1 X a killer or game-changer demonstrating their new mission of redefining the scooter segment of the rising Indian market and freeing people from excessive petrol products.

The event was huge unveiling Ola's higher plans which we shall discuss further the main event was the release of S1 X which comes with a few changes in the front design with a distinct outlook when compared to others, making it catchy.

It comes with a better and large headlight cowl and contains 2kWh and 3kWh battery packs. The S1 X also has another higher version named S1 X+ which comes with a better, more durable, and larger 4 kWh battery pack.

Moreover, the current lineup of Ola including the S1 Pro and its powertrain which is unmatched by the S1 Air or S1 X, all of this indicated the core ideology of Ola expanding its portfolio and aims to cater broader audience.

The price of Ola S1 X+ is ₹109,999. The window for pre-orders has opened today and the deliveries of this new edition are expected to start by the end of September 2023 with several audiences rushing to get their hands on it.

However, considering the successful event, Ola issued an introductory price for its new edition labelling ₹99,999 which means the regular S1X will cost ₹99,999 and the 3 kWh S1 X will cost ₹89,999 in India.

Deliveries of this series are expected to commence in December and another announcement being the S1 X 2 kWh is considerably the most affordable of the launched scooter with a price of ₹79,999 and its regular version to land a price of ₹89,999.

However, it is to note that the introductory pricing is to last for this week and the deliveries are expected to commence for this model again in December. The company also released its first lithium cell during the massive event.

CEO Aggarwal (2) stretched his view indicating a strong point-of-view toward securing a bright future and developing their own energy technology and also not just the company but India together.

CEO also demonstrated the usage of lithium cells for lighting a diva and indicated a bright future by showcasing its motive of integrating the same energy into vehicle upgrades from the next year which Ola says to be its year.

The company also featured its most-anticipated range of EV motorbikes the Cruiser, Roadster, and Adventure in the event and the showstopper was its EV motorcycle the Diamond Head which was revealed in the last and left all the attendants in a big awe.

CEO Aggarwal indicated a positive outlook and quoted the new super-sports Ola motorcycle to define a new age of biking worldwide and recreate the future of motorcycling in India and globally.

It also revealed Move OS 4 and 100 new service centers with now hold 1000 running experience centers in India. Move OS 4 was simply the best-featured update we have been waiting for which also comes with several improvements in the existing set of features and improved durability.

The Beta version is set to roll out within a month and the stable featured versions will be followed one-by-one in the future in a phase-wise manner. The company also promises to offer several improved software with bug-free experience.

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