A Day in the Life at BiggBang Coworking: What to Expect

A Day in the Life at BiggBang Coworking: What to Expect

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If you are a startup, entrepreneur, or business from Mohali's productive work culture but are having difficulty finding alternatives to office space, here is a comprehensive guide to a day-life at BiggBang Coworking space to help your choice become obvious and flawless.

A Day in the Life at BiggBang Coworking: What to Expect

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BiggBang Coworking

Address: E 279, Industrial Area, Sector 75, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055

Pricing: The plan starts at ₹5,000 per month

Google: BiggBang Coworking Space

To get a quick overview, search for BiggBang coworking space on Google, and you'll find reviews from coworkers, images, and videos that illustrate the entire building. Also, the website is equally vibrant and informative about the space.

It has a great internet presence with a wide range of informative content. It offers dedicated customer support via a phone number on Google and its website. You can contact BiggBang coworking space's support by phone or email.

You will be sufficiently satisfied with its customer support since it provides the same tone of support and assistance, whether it is an inquiry, a problem, or an invitation to collaborate, with a full explanation, assistance, and a good attitude.

You can request an inquiry, visit the place, look around, and then decide whether or not to proceed with the package. Since it provides an affordable setting, exploring its flexible options and seeing for yourself is worthwhile.

Introduction: BiggBang Coworking

Now that you've arrived at BiggBang coworking space let's look at the parking, which tells us everything. BiggBang coworking space features ample parking to help you skip the early morning hassle of hunting for parking.

Inching closer to the building, the entryway, and the tower emits a vivid aroma that helps you stay inspired and modern, resulting in a feel-good mood. This allows you to maintain a happy attitude at work and with your workers and work efficiently.

If there is no immediate seating available, the inquiry counter will offer you a waiting call to allow you to book a seat in advance if there gets a vacant seat. Furthermore, you are given three options:

  1. Hot Desk
  2. Dedicated Desk
  3. Private Office

You have complete freedom to choose anything you want. A Host desk means anywhere, any seat, any time, meaning you are not reserved and can switch to any seat. A dedicated desk is a reversed seat in the same shared space setting as a private office, with a one-month lock-in term.

If seating is available, the support will ask you to fill out a form with your identification, employment information, startup information, and why you are using this coworking space for security reasons, as this coworking space states loudly;

“Security comes first.”

After that, it gives you a membership subscription, which is when you determine how long you want to use the service. It is flexible and suitable for all working cultures, including on-the-go remote workers, contract-based freelancers, private entrepreneurs, etc.

Once you have completed the documentation and subscription, support will direct you to your workspace; suppose you have selected a hot or dedicated desk. It will direct you to the share-office space floor and assist you with sitting.

The same applies to private cabins, but they are segregated, which is obvious since privacy is the primary reason for choosing a private office. This is how you reserve a seat and start working at the BiggBang coworking space.

Space Review: BiggBang Coworking in Mohali

As previously stated, three types of space customization and preference options are available: hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. Let us look at how it is distributed in this 6-story, 700-seat building.

The ground floor features 16 shared office-space seating options for hot desks and dedicated desk solutions, 5 (five-seater) private office spaces for rent, and 1 (twelve-seater with boss cabin) office space solution.

The first floor has 1 (48-seater with two boss cabins) private office-space setting, 1 (44-seater with two boss cabins) office-space setting, and 1 conference room that may be reserved and scheduled exclusively by coworkers.

The second-floor features  1 (28-seater with two boss cabins) private office space for rent, 1 (24-seater with two boss cabins) office space for rent, 2 (21-seater with 2 boss cabins) private office space for rent, and 2 (20-seater with 2 boss cabins) office-space setting.

The third-floor features 1 (27-seater with two boss cabins) private office space for rent in Mohali, 1 (19-seater with two boss cabins) office space for rent, 4 (10-seater) office space for rent, 4 (9-seater) office setting, 2 (8-seater) office space solution, and 2 (7-seater) shared space for rent.

The fourth-floor features 1 (34-seater with two boss cabins) private office space for rent with 1 MD/conference room, 1 (31-seater with two boss cabins) office space for rent, 1 (24-seater with two boss cabins) office setting, 1 (22-seater with boss cabins) office space, and 1 (21-seater with two cabins) office space solution.

The fifth-floor features 1 (18-seater with two boss cabins) private office for rent, 4 (10-seater) shared office spaces, 4 (9-seater) office space for rent, 2 (8-seater) private offices for rent, (7-seater 2-in-1 boss cabin) office space for rent, 4 (5-seater) shared office solution, 4 (4-seater) office space solutions, and 1 (3-seater) office space for rent in Mohali.

Review: BiggBang Coworking

The desk is appropriately comfortable, and the settings are carefully designed so you are not strangled, uncomfortable, or rushed. The aromatic vibe starts when you enter the space and continues throughout the day to refresh you.

The seats are also really comfy. The atmosphere is professional, with everyone focused on their desks and systems. It encourages you to focus on your work, and the community is incredibly appealing, making it the best alternative for remote workers and even startups.

The ambiance is great, and my favorite couch is the green one. The natural view and access to sunshine simply add to the colorful environment. Its comfort is ultimately the best for those in the creative and development industries who are exploring innovative ideas.

This building is home to several independent workers, remote workers, startups, and even businesses, making it a professional hub of Mohali. Not only is the BiggBang support helpful, but so are the coworkers.

The environment is suited for every working individual, and there is a referral monopoly where if you are stuck and ask someone a question or a query, they will genuinely propose someone they know if they don't know.

One lady had difficulty addressing a code bug. She just went to relax in the "other space," a luxury area where you can relax, interact, network, rest, or work, but most people use it for communicating.

She met another person who introduced her to someone on the second floor. She followed the instructions and returned with a fixed bug, a connection, and a mentor. This opens up various possibilities for collaboration, as you never know if your service is a solution for someone on the same floor.

The internet connection is fast, which is amazing for someone who has never had such fast internet with decent mobile network coverage like me. The equipment, such as markers, boards, pens, paper, and printing solutions, is flexible and sufficient.

It includes everything you need to manage and administer your business or professional operations. Now that we've demonstrated that the working culture is flexible and punctual. Let's delve into and comprehend the personal factors associated with hygiene, privacy, and security.

Personal Review: BiggBang Coworking Space in Mohali

The setting is elegant, and the ambiance remains consistent throughout the day, embracing a positive culture and a productive environment. Coworkers spend the entire day with their heads down, but you also enjoy nice surroundings during the break.

You may encounter unexpected interactions, relationships, and a valuable networking source. The restroom and hygiene facilities are first-rate, clean, decent, and refreshing. Throughout the day, it is cleaned regularly.

The flooring and spacing are clean, well-kept, and well-organized. The kitchen has a homey feel, with dedicated heating and freezing solutions and storage facilities that make you feel more at home.

Furthermore, since this place is centrally located, it is connected to every local transport and activity in its neighborhood. If you want to order something or go eat outdoors, you can.

The building also offers 24/7 CCTV services, protected hot desks, dedicated desks, and constantly monitored private offices. The gated security is available around the clock, and the building is more focused on the professional privacy of each coworking individual.

End Note: BiggBang Coworking Space

The introduction, business-based review, spacing, and personal review were perfect and matched what we read on the internet and from coworkers' reviews. The tall 6-story coworking space building is completely a productive house or a professional heaven.

If you are in Mohali, we highly recommend the BiggBang Coworking space. It offers an affordable subscription package that provides significantly more than value for money for reasons such as:

  • Professional environment
  • Business address
  • Dedicated seating or a cabin
  • Top-notch amenities and equipment
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Hygenic maintenance
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Productively enhance the creative atmosphere
  • Security and privacy over everything.

This has raised the bar in Mohali's coworking space culture and has significantly set stand out to BiggBang coworking space, which is currently home to several entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses. It also enables new startups to take full advantage of its affordable services.

This is certainly what every business and entrepreneur in the early stages seeks: affordable solutions. It is the best place to cowork in Mohali since you obtain a professional environment, settings, amenities and a professional address to run a business.

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