AI Cybercrime Continues! FBI warns

AI Cybercrime Continues! FBI warns

AI Cybercrime Continues! FBI warns (1)

If you are reading this, then the FBI is warning you. FBI raises concerns over increasing fraudulent activities being made easy for hackers using AI tools like ChatGPT for creating malicious codes to net victims faster than ever.

AI Cybercrime Continues! FBI warns

AI Cybercrime Continues! FBI warns (1)

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AI an International Security Threat

The generative experience brought in via AI tools has surely created a never-imagined experience that is replacing human jobs and making things easier for mankind to complete their tasks, but it also has a dark side.

Peeking into the dark side, several AI tools are now being used as a weapon causing security threats for generating malicious coding, face duplicating, voice duplicating, and many others also known as "deep fake tech" and are now slowly becoming International Security Threats.

For example: You are getting a call from an unknown number but the voice used is of your close one asking you to help them with money as they are tucked in an emergency, and you end up paying to the given ID or number.

Your innocence is that you fell prey to an AI attack since the voice prompted was using AI which is now a very common thing we have seen in concerts like when David Guetta used Rihanna's voice over a song or the Drake x The Weeknd song about Selena Gomez which were completely "AI."

It is not simply the voice that can be generated but also the face. Recently a case happened in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala where a man fell prey to a deep fake scam that impersonated someone he knew like the above example and lost INR 40,000 in the scam.

A Warning from the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation of the USA in a meeting with journalists raised concerns over the rising malware and fraud cybercrime operated using AI or influenced and supported using Artificial Intelligence.

It mentioned that hackers from worldwide are using applications or tools like ChatGPT and their generative and deep fake technology for carrying out malicious activities and scamming users via all possible mediums.

FBI is even concerned that terrorists are consulting AI tools for the creation of more destructive inventions such as chemical attacks or security breaches that could affect a country both physically and virtually. '

Moreover, concerns rise as cybercriminals are optimizing AI tech for malware attacks and data phishing using deep fake websites and polymorphic malware which is designed to bypass even a secured antivirus.

Sexually explicit deep fake concerns were also raised in the conference as frequent cases occurred while traditional scams obtained a booster owing to deep fake cloning of voice and face that can create a minute-long video or audio using a single frame photo or second of voice.

FBI did not disclose the platforms optimized by criminals but pinpointed AI programs that are developed by hackers or open-source tools that are available in the cybercriminals forum.

FBI implemented a national threat but in fact, it is an international threat that should be a concern by every existing security organization worldwide owing to the rise in AI scams, AI fraud, AI cyberattacks, and AI deep fake tech.

There cannot be a way to avoid or completely destruct the technology since the good part has proven to be beneficial for mankind but there are ways you can save yourself from AI crime.

How to save yourself from AI crime?

  • Never click an unknown or suspicious link received in your email, SMS, or any other social media applications like WhatsApp, Discord, or Instagram.

(Links are the most commonly used and prime sources of malware attacks occurred worldwide)

  • Never open Spam emails from unknown sectors or reply to unknown numbers on calls, SMS, or social media.
  • If you often use a computer, never upload your private credentials, banking information, or any sensitive content, or at least have an antivirus installed to avoid you from clicking or opening a malicious website.
  • Always enable 2FA wherever available and possible since it is simply the best way to protect yourself. WhatsApp also recently launched a 2FA setting for keeping your data and chats secured.
  • Never get attracted to easy money offers and fall prey to their scam by opening the link or registering your sensitive information.
  • Never accept any financial request of money over UPI or give out OTP to an unknown identity.
  • If you receive a call from your friend from an unknown number for help, make sure to call your friend's actual number or a closer relative or friend to ensure before taking a step ahead and falling prey to an AI scam.

All-in-all it says never give your sensitive information or talk about it anywhere in public or even in private. Keep it within yourself and make sure to follow all the points mentioned above to save yourself from fraud be it normal or AI.

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