Cognizant saturating a $1 billion investment to extend GenAI engagement

Cognizant saturating a $1 billion investment to extend GenAI engagement

Cognizant captivating GenAI capabilities to another level (1)

Cognizant is well-committed to its "Bluebolt innovation movement" which so far developed 3,000 generative AI capabilities and subsequently plans on investing $1 billion to strengthen generative AI in the next three years.

Cognizant saturating a $1 billion investment to extend GenAI engagement

Cognizant captivating GenAI capabilities to another level (1)

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American multinational IT service & consulting giant Cognizant has infused generative AI in its core operations and consulting services. The company is dedicated to its "Bluebolt innovation movement" empowering generative AI (2).

It has so far developed 3,000 generative AI capabilities with more than 35,000 concepts. The company also plans on investing $1 billion in the next three years with a core focus on expanding the capability and compatibility of generative AI in its operations.

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A cognitive plan

According to Chief Executive Ravi Kumar S, Cognizant is fundamentally advancing its AI engagement and is now infusing generative AI in all of its core operations. The company accounts for 351,500 employees, majorly from India.

The chief executive also highlighted that Gen-AI infused conversational virtual assistant that Cognizant introduced to engage with its client in the movement of reimagining client experience that goes beyond chatbots.

Gen-AI investment has certainly driven the atmosphere of the platform to a more modern sphere. The VA provides a better enterprise and semantic search driving efficient information retrieval that comes along with professional, relevant, and pattern-based recommendations.

He stretched indicating that, "clients will be able to enhance their productivity using the virtual assistant by approx 25% to improvise their digital score via predictive resolution and contextual knowledge search."

He then continued mentioning the benefits of GenAI pervading its business and its client's ecosystem which is why the company now plans to embed GenAI in all the core foundations of their operations.

GenAI has the potential for transforming the operational values of the company and also create waves of opportunities which is why they are actively focused on investing about $1 billion in the next three years to strengthen GenAI's capabilities.

The company is actively training 25,000 of its associates in GenAI and is also set to launch AI studios in several locations globally, Bengaluru, London, and San Francisco and have also launched its generative-AI storytelling hub on its official website

All of the ongoing opportunities in multiple avenues is positioning Cognizant as one of the leading partner guiding several enterprises on its generative AI path. He also stretched that Cognizant to be the principal beneficiary of GenAI.

The company's client-centricity, innovative engine, commitment to learning and adapting, and entrepreneurial spirit are what he believes makes Cognizant a partner of choice for its several clients and incoming, and also the employer of choice with the industry's leading talent.

AI Approach

As mentioned before, Cognizant is committed to innovation and its ongoing "Bluebolt innovation movement" and has so far developed 3,000 generative AI capabilities and 35,000+ ideas with future plans of investing $1 billion for the next three years in strengthening generative AI capabilities.

The company's strategic approach to generative AI involves collaborating with its partners and tailoring their experience in specific sectors and cross-industry applications and also enhancing productivity across major domains.

It also plans on enhancing the coding process, product innovations and management, customer service and experience, and also knowledge and information management.

Cognizant plans on embedding generative AI at the core of its operational framework and majorly in assisting coding tasks, streamlining information, managing contract risks, and offering AI-powered solutions.

It also launched Cognizant Neuro AI platforms that aid in the adoption of generative AI with its flexible, scalable, and secure functioning that helps its clients to move from identifying primary use cases to operationalizing AI (3).

Moreover, the company is also engaged with more than 100 clients in several segments of its generative AI exploration and more precisely in cognitive and generative AI functionalities (4).

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