BugBase - Software Company, India

BugBase - Software Company, India

BugBase, based in New Delhi, enables businesses to set up bug bounty programs for ethical hackers to discover website risks and protect the web for future users.

BugBase - Software Company, India

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BugBase is an Indian start-up founded in 2021 and headquartered in New Delhi. The company specializes in enabling businesses to set up bug bounty programs that can be accessed by ethical hackers and cybersecurity advocates from around the country. BugBase's tools use crowdsourcing to discover potential website risks, thereby protecting the web for future users.

The company's platform also provides a simple and uncomplicated user experience to attract more cybersecurity enthusiasts. The company operates in the Software industry and has a team size of 11-20 employees. Dhruva Goyal and Kathan Desai founded BugBase. Despite traveling a long distance in the sector, some Indian organizations are still unsafe and vulnerable to security breaches. BugBase enables such businesses to arrange Capture The Flag competitions where cybersecurity novices can exercise and develop into experts.

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