Dextroware Devices - Electronics Company, India

Dextroware Devices - Electronics Company, India


Dextroware Devices creates economically assistive technologies, like the hands-free 'mouseware' device for people with injuries or illnesses, to enable users of all categories to access technology.

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Quick Information

  • Website: Click here
  • Social Media Profiles: Twitter
  • Headquarters: Chennai, India
  • Founding Year: 2020
  • Number of Employees: 1-10
  • Industry: Electronics

Basic Information

Dextroware Devices is a young and innovative start-up founded in 2020 and based in Chennai. The company specializes in creating economically assistive technologies and associated consumer electronic devices to enable users of all categories to access technology.

The company's founder, Pravin Kumar, has developed an initial product named "mouseware," a low-cost head-wearable gadget that allows for hands-free interaction with computers and other smart devices.

This device is particularly helpful for people with amputations, upper-limb injuries, and other neurological illnesses such as monoplegia and partial paralysis. The company operates in the Electronics industry and has a team size of 1-10 employees.

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