Google Baba: Now get financial advice from Google's new AI tool

Google Baba: Now get financial advice from Google's new AI tool

Now get generative AI-based financial advice from Google Baba; Image Source: (0)

Google Baba is developing an AI tutor with 21 different applications offering life advice related to financial planning, mentoring, etc.

Google Baba: Now get financial advice from Google's new AI tool

Now get generative AI-based financial advice from Google Baba; Image Source: (0)

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Google is currently working on developing a new generative AI tool that functions more like a BABA or a mentor offering life advice. The tool is anticipated to be instilled with 21 different types of personal and professional applications.

The applications include offering life advice on financial planning, idea generation, diet management, tips and tutorials, and many other features. According to advocates, Google's new tool is aimed at raising competitive standards to rival OpenAI's globally popular tool ChatGPT.

This project demonstrates a massive change from Google's core aim which no one anticipated would release and along with this, the company is also focusing on advancing cautiously with several AI integrations internally in its other applications.

Following the warnings from AI safety experts and several staff members but the rising race of developing super-premium and convenient AI tools, Google finally found a way to step its presence from the roadblock of several apps.

DeepMind (1), Google's in-house research lab is testing the generative AI-powered Baba and it is also witnessed that the company is working with Scale AI (2) which is a collaborative contractor on a tool to compete highly with Bard and ChatGPT.

The tool Google is working on is said to reply and answer several intimate questions and deliver a personalized response. The tool Google is working on is said to be trained on queries and questions such as:

"I have a group of friends that are planning a trip to Hawaii at the end of this month. But I am barely left with any savings to take care of the tickets, hotels, and other expenses. I do wish to go but practically I could not, so how do I tell them that I cannot come along with their generous invitation?"

Later on, the chatbot will suggest several possible emotionally applicable recommendations to help you deal with such complex real-life problems and not simply generate database-oriented informative content.

Be it financial or social, this new tool of Google is sure to captivate the market. However, similar capabilities do exist in Bard but it holds several limitations and does not offer real-life related problems or advice.

The new tool appears to be dealing with mental shortcomings and advising future forthcoming with unpredictable or calculated unpredictable judgments but it is still under evaluation and the company might also not decide to employ such occurrences but assuming the market demand, they should experiement.

Moreover, it also remains unclear yet whether Google will incorporate these features in Bard or will eventually launch a new tool. Meanwhile, it is also working on developing a tool to help journalists and assist in news publications and basically with writing and formatting of news articles.

On the other hand, Russia delivered bad news for the company issuing a fine for not deleting the videos from recent events and happenings during the Russia and Ukraine war with the consent of spreading misleading content and allowing it to do so.

Russia Fines Google

On Thursday (3), a Russian court imposed a 3 million Ruble fine on Google, particularly YouTube for not deleting or removing allegedly false information related to the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine.

The fine by the magistrate's court follows similar actions taken in the past against Apple in recent and the Wikimedia Foundation the parent host of Wikipedia. The court declared YouTube, owned by Google guilty to the allegations.

Russian characterized the non-erasure as a special military operation by the US for spying on Russian sources and spreading false information about the country globally.

Moreover, it also alleged Google for not removing the videos that portrayed several ways of gaining entry to Russian facilities which are disclosed to minors according to news agencies, and not much information was leaked.

A magistrate court handles administrative violations and low-level criminal cases in Russia. However, despite all the allegations, Google has declined to comment on the concerned issue.

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