Internet Services Suspended Across Pakistan After Imran Khan's Arrest

Internet Services Suspended Across Pakistan After Imran Khan's Arrest

In a major blow to digital communication, Pakistan witnesses widespread internet disruption following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The blackout, which extends to major social media platforms, has sparked outrage and concern among citizens and digital rights advocates alike.

Internet Services Suspended Across Pakistan After Imran Khan's Arrest

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Pakistan is grappling with a massive internet blackout, with reports of widespread connectivity issues emerging soon after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. This disruption, which has impacted users across the country, has been observed by NetBlocks, an organization that monitors internet governance worldwide.

As per the data provided by NetBlocks, a significant drop in connectivity was observed across multiple internet service providers in Pakistan shortly after Khan's arrest news broke. The shutdown has also affected major social media websites, leaving millions of citizens without access to digital platforms.

The internet suspension comes at a time of heightened political tension in Pakistan, following the arrest of former PM Khan. Protests have erupted in several parts of the country, with supporters of Khan taking to the streets to express their discontent.

Digital rights advocates have expressed concern over this widespread internet disruption, citing the potential implications for freedom of speech and information. An internet blackout of this magnitude not only disrupts everyday life but also hampers the flow of information, particularly crucial during periods of political unrest.

The Pakistani government has yet to release an official statement concerning the internet disruption. As citizens grapple with the digital blackout, the situation highlights the critical role the internet plays in modern communication and the potential consequences of its disruption.

As the country navigates this complex political landscape, the restoration of stable internet connectivity will be vital for maintaining open channels of communication and ensuring the free flow of information. Monitoring organizations like NetBlocks will continue to track the situation as it unfolds, providing essential data on the state of digital rights in Pakistan.

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