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EdTech Firm GeekLurn Accused of Defrauding 2,000 Students; CEO Arrested

Allen Career Institute has appointed Abha Maheshwari, a former executive at Meta, as the CEO of its digital arm, signaling a significant step towards enhancing its digital strategy and innovation.

Allen Career Institute Appoints Abha Maheshwari as CEO of Digital Arm: A Step Towards Digital Transformation
India's Love for Snapchat Grows: 200 Million Monthly Active Users Reached
A Tale of Two Bugs: Unraveling Aave's Polygon Glitch and Ledger's Key Recovery Feature
Logitech's G Cloud: A Game Changer in Handheld Consoles
Vice Media Files for Bankruptcy: A Shift of Fortune for the Digital Media Giant
Pepe Coin Mania Hits New Highs with 1 Billion Token Airdrop
Netflix India Under the Tax Radar: IT Department to Scrutinize Operations
Internet Services Suspended Across Pakistan After Imran Khan's Arrest
Rising Crude Oil Prices Impact INR: Rupee Slips 14 Paise Against US Dollar
The Next Frontier in AI: GPT with Limitless Knowledge Access
End of an Era: Brydge, the Apple Accessory Innovator, Shuts Its Doors
The Future of Work: IBM Plans to Replace 7,800 Jobs with AI in the Next 5 Years
OpenAI's Ambitious Endeavor: Overcoming $540 Million Loss to Pursue AI Dominance
Gmail Introduces Verified Checkmarks: Boosting Trust and Tackling Email Spoofing
Google Chrome Revamps Address Bar: The Iconic Lock Symbol Bids Farewell
Groundbreaking Study: GPT-AI Helps Scientists Passively Decode Thoughts
GPT-4: The Evolution, Potential Advancements, and Ethical Implications in AI and NLP
Pornhub Blocks Utah Users Following the State's New Law on Adult Content
Swiggy Discontinues Handpicked Gourmet Grocery Delivery Service
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