OpenAI Enables Voice Feature For All ChatGPT Users

OpenAI Enables Voice Feature For All ChatGPT Users

You can now speak with ChatGPT

OpenAI now enables ChatGPT voice, which allows users to converse with the AI via voice. During a period of transition in corporate leadership, the functionality improves user contact by providing five separate voices for a more human-like experience.

OpenAI Enables Voice Feature For All ChatGPT Users

You can now speak with ChatGPT

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Despite recent leadership changes at OpenAI, ChatGPT has announced a big improvement with the addition of ChatGPT Voice. This innovation, announced by Greg Brockman, former President and Chairman of OpenAI, represents a significant advancement in user experience, allowing for verbal interactions with its generative AI. 

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Unlike traditional text-based engagements, ChatGPT Voice allows users to interact with the AI through verbal communication, eliminating the need for type queries. This feature is a significant advancement, comparable to communication with a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa.

The launch of ChatGPT Voice coincided with a severe outage on November 21, which rendered ChatGPT inaccessible to users globally. OpenAI has recognised the outage and has promised to publish a public postmortem to explain the situation and identify preventative actions in the future. 

To use ChatGPT Voice, users must go to the mobile app’s Settings and enable voice interactions. Once opted in, users can commence voice-based interactions by tapping the headphone icon in the bottom-right corner of the chat screen.

Users can also customise their AI chat experience by selecting one of the five alternative voices including Juniper, Sky, Breeze, Ember and Cove. This new feature is based on OpenAI’s Whisper voice technology, which analyses tiny clips of genuine human speech to generate hours of realistic conversations. 

ChatGPT Voice hopes to deliver a more natural and engaging engagement for users by incorporating Whisper. This feature release comes at an interesting time for OpenAI as it coincides with internal upheavals and leadership changes.

Despite the obstacles, OpenAI is committed to expanding AI capabilities and assuring user pleasure through novel features. Notably, OpenAI temporarily suspended the ChatGPT Plus subscription service while introducing ChatGPT Voice. 

The cause for the stoppage was a capacity limitation to address user requests, demonstrating the significant demand for ChatGPT and its related services. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the ChatGPT Voice feature:

  1. In the lower right corner of the chat screen, tap the microphone symbol
  2. Then, from the available selections, hit the “Choose a Voice” button to select the preferred voice for the AI assistant
  3. Choose a voice and confirm your selection. Users can change their voice at any time 
  4. Start speaking to enter a voice prompt or to begin a conversation with the chatbot

It is vital to note that audio clips are not kept, guaranteeing user privacy. However, ChatGPT saves speech transcriptions in the chat history for future reference. The feature also recognises the input language, though users can specify a preferred language in the settings menu for more precise language identification.

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