OpenAI Legacy! ChatGPT Hits 100 Million Weekly Active Users

OpenAI Legacy! ChatGPT Hits 100 Million Weekly Active Users

ChatGPT Dominance Continues; Image Source: (0)

ChatGPT hits 100 million weekly active users! This future-bending technology is currently engaged with over 2 million developers including 92% of Fortune 500 firms using the company’s API since its March release, indicating the platform’s rising influence and utility focus.

OpenAI Legacy! ChatGPT Hits 100 Million Weekly Active Users

ChatGPT Dominance Continues; Image Source: (0)

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American artificial intelligence firm OpenAI announced its significant milestone with 100 million weekly active users on ChatGPT. The company also announced the new GPT-4 Turbo model with higher capabilities, affordability and support for a 128K context window.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman declared the news during the company’s first developer conference. ChatGPT was released less than a year ago and such rapid acceptance with an estimated 100 million monthly users within two months is whopping.

Here are some key highlights from OpenAI this week:

ChatGPT Dominance

ChatGPT has quickly risen to prominence as one of the fastest-growing consumer internet applications in history. The application marked 100 million weekly active users, given that it was released only a year ago. It took prominent apps like Facebook and Twitter several years to achieve such a massive feat. 

Despite some reports claiming that ChatGPT’s popularity has declined since its inception, the platform’s official user counts and rapid acceptance reflect its sustained success and significance. 

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ChatGPT Developers

ChatGPT's impact extends to developers as well, over two million are already using the platform. Notably, more than 92% of Fortune 500 firms are implementing ChatGPT in their operations. This demonstrates the technology’s importance across various industries. 

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GPT-4 Turbo

The release of the GPT-4 Turbo represents a substantial breakthrough. Its 128K window can interpret and analyse 300 pages of text in a single prompt.

Additionally, OpenAI has optimised the model for cost-effectiveness, delivering it at a 3x lower price for input tokens and 2x lower price for output tokens than its predecessor, GPT-4.

In addition to GPT-4 Turbo, OpenAI is releasing a new version of GPT-3.5 Turbo that includes a 16K context window by default, enhancing developer capabilities. 

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Assistants API

OpenAI will soon be releasing Assistants API, allowing developers to create purpose-built AI assistants with precise instructions using additional knowledge, calling models and tools for job execution.

This API adds additional features like Code Interpreter and Retrieval, making it more adaptable for various applications. 

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Text-to-Speech API

OpenAI released text-to-speech API with six preset voices and two generative AI model versions. Developers can now synthesise high-quality speech from text for as little as $0,015 per 1,000 input characters. 

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Good News Developers! You can now incorporate DALLE 3, a recent release for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, in your apps and other services.

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Custom ChatGPT Versions

OpenAI is now introducing “GPTs,” allowing users to develop their unique ChatGPT versions, customised to certain use cases.

This personalised feature can comprise anything from a Creative Writing Coach to a Tech Advisor, Game Time, or Buddies. Also, there will be no coding required to create these GPTs.

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GPT Store

The distribution of “GPTs” will be facilitated by the GPT Store. It will be launched later this month and is set to make things simple and easier for customers to buy unique AI models by OpenAI. 

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With the release of GPT-4 Turbo and the Assistants API, OpenAI has given developers a more powerful and cost-effective tool for incorporating AI capabilities into their apps and services.

With a larger user base and continual innovation, OpenAI’s ChatGPT continues to influence the landscape of AI-powered chatbots and models, making it tempting for both devs and customers. 

This rapid expansion and adoption of ChatGPT demonstrates two things, the long-term influence of AI in several applications and OpenAI’s dedication to promote AI in everything.

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