Search Generative Experience: Google gives surfing a new perspective

Search Generative Experience: Google gives surfing a new perspective

SGE: Google's competitive lead; Source: Google (0)

Google introduced new upgrades for its generative-AI-enhanced SGE with a focus on creating a more effortless and engaging experience for users to easily learn and make sense of any information on the web.

Search Generative Experience: Google gives surfing a new perspective

SGE: Google's competitive lead; Source: Google (0)

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Search Generative Experience (SGE) by Google (1) was launched three months ago, and today the company released new features for creating a more effortless and personalized experience such as:

  • SGE While Browsing
  • Preview Definitions
  • Easy Identification of Coding Information
Learn as you search (and browse) using generative AI
New updates to Search Generative Experience (SGE) help people easily learn new things and understand key concepts while searching online.

SGE While Browsing

Rany NG, the VP of Product Management, Search (2), in the official blog post by Google, introduced this new feature that will break down the topics in pieces and summarize the website to help users understand the details of what's inside, while they surf.

Google quotes this new feature as a new perspective developed to help users engage effortlessly in their search and obtain information in a summary from the long-form content uploaded by several publishers, creators, and content writers.

Google details users to say no more on extra efforts, as now all you have to do is when you visit a website or a web page simply tap the AI-generated list where Google will deliver the key points detailing the article's content.

The key points will hold the links that allow users to jump directly on a specific topic they wish to gather more information. Moreover, there also comes another feature "Explore on Page" in the "SGE while browsing" which contains FAQs related to the topic.


Note: SGE While Browsing is not applied for Paywalled articles.

Preview Definitions

It's not like everyone is a moving dictionary. There happen times when we come across certain words and terms that are unidentified by our brain's dictionary. Also, sometimes you might just want to obtain more information on a word.

What we often do is open another tab and search for that term or word and then start gathering information or some traditional researchers open their dictionary and start hunting information.

To ease off this tedious work of research, Google announced a new feature that delivers AI-generated responses on several topics, words, terms, and even questions based on any topic be it science, history, literature, etc.

All you have to do is hover over a word or a term you are unaware of and wish to obtain more research and simply tap, Google will then provide you with all the AI-generated responses relevant to the word or term shown below.

Source: Google (3)

Easy Identification of Coding Information

Another great feature launched was the ability to identify, understand, and debug-generated code to help professional and learning programmers to gather more information on coding while on Google, with the help of generative AI.

Currently, SGE provides AI-generated overviews that allow users to help with several programming languages and tools-related tasks such as finding solutions to several how-to questions and obtaining code snippets suggestions from random or common tasks.

Now, segments of code in the overviews will be colo-coded with syntax highlighting which makes it easy and fast to identify several technical elements such as keywords, comments, and strings, which makes it a more easier experience to learn and debug.

Summarizing the SGE update

The update was certainly named huge and the core feature of the release was SGE while browsing which is exclusive for Chrome on desktop and Google search on Android which creates a more personalized and informative experience.

The new feature allows users to open a separate Google Search side panel which is AI-generated that lists several key points of the web page explaining the content it holds in a summary, with relevant links to associated paragraphs.

It also allows users to press the "Generate" icon which allows anyone to add a summary. Another feature includes previewing definitions of words while surfing the web and obtaining AI-generated information explaining the word.

The last of all the features was a programming buddy developed for enhancing code-based answers with snippets that now obtain a color-coded syntax highlighting, now all you have to do is flip the toggle named Code Tips.

As we explore the new update, we will release our researched article with the complete information you need from how-to guides to solving FAQs, stay updated and keep reading

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