This week is AI: From visualizing world leaders as Musicians to Developing cancer detector and Disrupting Journalism

This week is AI: From visualizing world leaders as Musicians to Developing cancer detector and Disrupting Journalism

Photo generated using AI

This past week witnessed dramatic and intrepid AI developments from ChatBots, AI Cameras, and AI Image Generators to the AI Spam Detector. So, here's a rundown of all the hot AI breakthroughs that have altered mankind's perception.

This week is AI: From visualizing world leaders as Musicians to Developing cancer detector and Disrupting Journalism

Photo generated using AI

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The popularity of AI bots has also sparked an intense debate about whether they would eventually replace human beings. Several advocates have called AI a "disruptor," implying that it will soon replace humans and forever change humanity's perspective on routine operations.

AI is simply not limited to ChatBots, is what we learned this past week.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is spreading its wings into every potential industry. Despite job concerns, others claim there has never been a better time to be alive than now, thanks to the growing impact of artificial intelligence.

AI has reached a tipping point and is ready to revolutionize every fast-moving industry. Given that ChatGPT has been trending everywhere in the last month, the last week would be considered the most powerful week for Artificial Intelligence owing to a surge of inventions.

Since AI is poised to revamp wider sectors of the economy and society in the coming years, it is noteworthy to stay up-to-date with AI technological breakthroughs disrupting mankind's perception of routine operations.

So here's a rundown of the last week's AI developments that gave mankind a broader viewpoint by harnessing and extending its ways in various disciplines. "AI is everywhere, and AI is here to stay," whether in journalism, fashion, programming, or medicine.

Visualizing World Leaders as Musicians with the Midjourney AI bot

Jyo John Mulloor (1), an AI user, posted a series of AI-enhanced photographs of world leaders masquerading as musicians. MidJouerny's text-prompt-based AI algorithm was employed to imagine how these famous people could appear if they performed live.

This AI art series is titled "World Leadership Music Concert" and features Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, President of the United States Joe Biden, former President of the United States Barak Obama, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, and several other leaders.

MidJourney (2) is an artificial intelligence bot that creates visuals in response to user input. It is only available as a Discord bot. Anyone can make images by adding the Midjourney AI bot to their server, tagging them, and then prompting the message; the result will be displayed.

Create easy music with Google's MusicLM

The new Drake and The Weeknd song "Heart on My Sleeve" is currently trending on the Internet. It is dedicated to The Weeknd's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, and the primary cause that it is trending is that AI-generated it (3).

An unknown ghostwriter shared this song on social media, exactly replicating the sound, beats, and even notes that enraged fans worldwide as the AI trend escalated.

MusicLM (4) by Google is an AI music generator that creates tracks up to five minutes long based on descriptive texts. This bot outperforms other bots regarding music content, as demonstrated by an examination against the Mubert AI bot (5) and Riffusion AI bot (6).

AI disrupting norms & Ethics of Journalism

According to Ian Tucker (7), he once received 2-3 articles on Medium from a student with topics centered on innovative agriculture, the therapeutic potential of virtual reality, and data storage, all of which had a bland influence on them with repeated paragraphs, upbeat ends, etc.

It was apparent, and the use of ChatGPT was later discovered. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) application that allows you to have a human-like discussion, which can be useful for research, article writing, writing, and even emails (8).

Another emerging bot is Auto-GPT (9), which performs even more complex tasks than existing LLM-powered programs by creating prompts, feeding them back to themselves, and creating an information loop.

AI security for AI cyberattacks

Cybercriminals' strategies have evolved, and they now use AI and machine learning to hack into accounts. They use AI to stay secretive and unnoticed within a network for a set amount of time before opening back doors to a company's critical systems (10).

AI can be used to create deep fake data, password guessing, CAPTCHA cracking, complex malware, stealth assaults, person impersonation, deep exploits, penetrating testing tools, and a lot more.

In contrast, Vectra (11), an AI tool, is a threat-detecting cybersecurity tool that gathers, senses, and emphasizes security warnings. This cognitive platform for NDR responds to threats inside data centers, the cloud, IoT, and corporate networks.

In addition, the platform has enabled algorithmic response features for low-level threats and escalated more serious anomalies to security staff, demonstrating that where there is a threat, there is also a solution, and vice versa.

Next Year's Met Gala theme would probably be AI in Fashion

The Met Gala is trending (12), but so is Levi Stauss & Co's (13) collaboration with the AI platform (14). The collaboration would display online consumers with several types of AI-generated humans wearing Levi's clothing.

Lalaland is an AI tool that creates hyperrealistic virtual models for e-commerce sites. Levi's is heavily planning their AI-powered excursion, which is worth mentioning and witnessing the launch (15).

A control in traffic violations via AI Camera

According to the Kerela state transport authority (16), traffic offenses in the state have decreased by nearly half after installing AI-enabled cameras at intersections. According to the state transport report, the average number of offenses before the installation was 4.5 lakhs, which was reduced to 2.1 lakhs after the installation.

According to the state Motor Vehicle Department, the number of individuals wearing helmets has increased since the AI cameras were placed. During the reign of CM Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala installed 726 AI cameras across the state (17).

AI to detect SPAM calls & messages is a mandatory step by TRAI

Since May 1st, new rules have been implemented to block spam calls and messages using AI filters. To combat the growing problem of spam and data breaches, TRAI has instructed telecom providers such as Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, and BSNL to include these filters in their systems (18).

Airtel has already confirmed that the filters will be added (19), and JIO plans to install these essential filters (20). Other telecommunications companies must put in these filters before the TRAI deadline.

AI in medicine as scientists developed a tool to detect cancer

Doctors, scientists, and researchers have built an AI model for effectively spotting cancer in a development that could speed up the identification of cancer and get patients to medication quicker (21).

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust specialists, the Institute of Cancer Research London, and Imperial College London created this AI tool to determine whether atypical tumors found on CT scans are carcinogenic.

Schedule your day with AI tools

The most popular AI tool today is Calendar AI (22). It is a smart program that can recognize patterns, make decisions, and learn from user interactions. It will start processing your calendar statistics, eventually adapting and making more relevant revisions to your schedule.

It calculates how long it takes to complete a task and suggests that you must adjust the projected time to complete a specific project. It can determine when you are most productive and provides personalized suggestions based on your actions.

No more Adobe, as users are moving toward Microsoft Designer

Microsoft (23) has been trending this week as it collaborated with OpenAI (24) to exploit the GPT method and add an artificial intelligence copilot to its Bing. It subsequently introduced Microsoft Designer (26), an AI-based platform based on OpenAI's DALLE-E 2 (25) Application.

Microsoft Designer is an AI tool that automates design processes that used to be done by individuals manually. It generates photos fairly close to the description and eliminates the need for manual efforts such as image selection, adjusting the size, adding other elements, messages, etc.

AI Thoughts

AI applications are anticipated to influence our economy's and society's crucial elements. We are still in the early stages of technology, and it is better to devote your energy and efforts to knowing technology than to remain ignorant and regret it later.

AI holds no bounds.
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