What is a Freelancer? Top 10 Platforms to Hire Freelancers

What is a Freelancer? Top 10 Platforms to Hire Freelancers

Photo by Firos nv / Unsplash

These platforms and websites link the freelancer and the employer that appoints them based on their skills and the project's requirements. The freelancer here can decline the offer if it's not of their interest.

What is a Freelancer? Top 10 Platforms to Hire Freelancers

Photo by Firos nv / Unsplash

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We all are aware of the term employee, which is a term used for a person working with a company or an organization and getting paid for their work. A freelancer is somewhat similar to an employee, but still, there is a vast difference between the terms.

What is a Freelancer?

Freelancer is the term used for someone who is self-employed and is not committed to a single employer for the long term. This means that a company does not permanently hire a freelance worker, and they work based on contracts. Usually, these freelance workers are represented by a company or an agency that connects these freelancers with clients to help them get the work they want.

However, over the years, things have changed, and with the advancement in technology, several freelance service provider platforms have been introduced in the past few years. These platforms and websites link the freelancer and the employer that appoints them based on their skills and the project's requirements. The freelancer here can decline the offer if it's not of their interest. The payments are made before or after the job is complete, and the employer and the freelancer negotiate the charges before the project work begins.

Here are the top 10 platforms to hire freelancers:

1. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is the leading platform that allows expert freelancers to look for jobs online and choose one that suits their profile and interests. The platform allows the employer and the employee to make a profile and start their project.

The employer can post a job on which the freelance worker can bid and chat with the employer to settle the deal and work on the payments and the payment methods. The platform has a time tracker and mobile app that allows users to stay up-to-date with the projects.

To get started, click here.

2. Upwork.com

Trusted by over 5 million businesses like Microsoft, Airbnb, Coty, and others, Upwork is another platform that allows users to hire or get hired for various projects. The projects can be for a long-term contract or the short term.

The platform allows you to post free job posts, where the employer can bid on it, and then using the on-site chat feature, the parties can communicate to work out the necessary details on the platform. The platform has several categories to choose from depending on your needs for the project.

To hire a freelancer, click here.

3. Applancer.com

Applancer is another platform that connects people with big dreams and connects them with like-minded people who are willing to turn those dreams into reality. This platform helps users connect with project providers worldwide for projects in app development, web development, designing, marketing, etc.

The platform reviews employers and long-term users and allows them to browse through hundreds of software-related companies. The platform is easy to use, and the offers are categorized.

To start your dream project, click here.

4. Fiverr.com

Fiverr is a small but growing brand that provides a place for companies to hire freelancers using their platform. The platform offers freelancing services depending on the type of work you want done, for example, logo design, WordPress-related work, and social media services.

Fiverr is an employer-focused platform as the payment to the freelancer is released once the employer is pleased with the quality of the work. The platform provides 24/7 support for its users to help them with any queries. Many freelancers have also published their projects on the platform to inspire other people to work for their projects.

To get started on Fiverr, click here.

5. Guru.com

With over 800,000 employers worldwide, Guru is another platform that freelancers choose to get their next dream project. The platform is secure, flexible, and cost-effective, allowing more and more users to be a part of the platform.

The platform provides four agreements through which a person can get hired.

These are:

  • fixed price basis
  • hourly basis
  • task-based
  • recurring payment

The platform offers SafePay payment protection that gives a sense of safety to the freelancers that they will get paid for their work.

To get hired, click here.

6. Toptal.com

Toptal is an exclusive network that provides a platform where users can find top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers worldwide.

The platform provides quick service for the users as the platform allows the users to hire a freelancer within 48 hours. The freelancers on the platform maintain professionalism, integrity, and communication between the clients and the users.

To know more about them, click here.

7. Appfutura.com

One of the best platforms available for the users to choose from when they are looking for the best companies for the best developer or a company during their annual game. Appfutura is a platform that has collaborated with various companies.

Apart from providing freelancing services, the platform also keeps the world updated with the latest blogs and news about the various aspects of the world. The platform even has discussion forums for the top IT and Marketing platforms.

To know more about the platform, click here.

8. Gigster.com

Gigster is a new platform that provides its service by building and managing a team of members for the client. The company hires these members for the software development process needed for the work.

The teams are formed depending on the needs and want of the project and do the work passionately. The platform has worked for over 5000 projects, and it has always helped the teams to work together in harmony due to the change of a piece of mind.

To have access to their platform and services, visit here.

9. Gun.io

The last but not the least platform on the list is Gun.io, which provides the visitor an option to either hire a freelancer or become one. The platform works depending on the invite-only feature, which means only the invited participants can access the services.

The platform has given the facility to check the data and app developed by the platform while they work with other officials. The platform has already worked with industrial giants like Tesla, CISCO, and Dollar Shave Club. The platform allows the client to post ads for their projects, and then the user can apply for those.

To get started with the company, click here.


It's a fast-moving world, and every person has taken the motto of "time is money" seriously. This acceptance of the slogan has shifted many enterprises to the concept of hiring contract and time-based freelancers to get the best and quick output for their projects. Hiring freelancers for projects is one of the most common methods in the industry that helps with efficient and faster working.

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