What's your (AI) Rashee ft. Kundli GPT aka AI Baba

What's your (AI) Rashee ft. Kundli GPT aka AI Baba

Never imagined AI to replace astrologers! Kundli GPT the AI baba (1)

Kundli GPT is an AI-powered astrological chatbot launched by an NIT alumnus that offers personalized readings, insights, and occurrences in horoscopes.

What's your (AI) Rashee ft. Kundli GPT aka AI Baba

Never imagined AI to replace astrologers! Kundli GPT the AI baba (1)

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Kundli GPT is an astrological AI-powered chatbot founded by an NIT alumnus Raj Sutariya. It provides deep insights into horoscopes, reads kundli, identifies negative factors affecting your natural life, and suggests remedies to let you obtain harmony and tackle those hurdles.

It does not end here but this new generative AI astrological chatbot provides potential health concerns linked to your Kundli and offers measures to overcome or take care of. It also supports and suggests over financial concerns hammering its customers, which makes it the AI-baba of the new generation.

AI Kundli

Artificial Intelligence holds no bars or boundaries. It is revolutionizing and significantly altering our life in every possible sector. Rather more specifically speaking, it is replacing human requirements from every existing sector.

It can replace writers, coders, and engineers, and now it is even replacing astrologers. AI Baba is now helping people to learn more about their horoscopes by introducing them to a scientific and thoughtful approach that tells them about the future they hold.

It briefly reads your kundli and helps to identify the negative factors surrounding your horoscope and provide remedial solutions that shall be taken care of and without which how it would affect more to you and your family or the generation.

It also provides impactful insights that are highly depth on health concerns related to your Kundli and apart from that, provides guidance and room for opportunity for the lost minds and their financial aiding.

So, there no longer require a need to go to an astrologer, all you have to do is simply connect Kundli GPT, and there you go. We have all the steps written below to help you grab and learn about your Kundli, from home, using AI.

So if you think about checking your Kundli and looking for ani "dosh" or "pida" this AI baba is your perfect, everything-from-home option. Even if you are wondering about your personal life like marriage, this Ai chatbot has the solution for all.

However, the company has noted that the tool/platform is an experiential subject and is currently not intended for commercial use and the above-mentioned and below-mentioned context is provided by the company itself to its external sources.

How to use Kundli GPT?

It is kind of similar to how we do it traditionally but this time it comes with a digital approach. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and done, you are then welcomed to the virtual family or virtual kundli featuring AI.

  • Launch Kundli GPT's official website
  • Now select the language you wish to continue further. It comes with 12 accepted regional languages of India which includes major English, Hindi, and several others.
  • Now that ChatBot will ask you some questions, to know your profile and read your Kundli.
  • Once you give in all the details accurately, click on submit, and then you will start receiving personalized, Kundli-based astrological horoscope readings.
  • You can also ask the chatbot questions related to anything, be it love life, financial conditions, health concerns, or even happy living, and it will prompt generative answers based on your Kundli.

It sure is a creative concept coined within the AI sector which also is worth a try. Currently, it is still in the testing or experimental condition and is updating. The finalized version is still not rolling out.

But for those who wish to try and know their AI Kundli could simply visit their website and follow the above-mentioned steps. If it is not working then it might be the website traffic to which you will receive a waitlist notification via your submitted email ID.

AI Baba!

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