Why Mohali Is the Perfect Location for Your Coworking Space Needs

Why Mohali Is the Perfect Location for Your Coworking Space Needs

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Mohali is home to some of the top coworking spaces in India, and it holds to its natural meaning of "settlement" by settling the debate of traditional vs coworking space; how? Let's explore!

Why Mohali Is the Perfect Location for Your Coworking Space Needs

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Mohali is part of the tri-city of Punjab. It has emerged as a hotspot of opportunity and growth, with thriving business communities, mobility factors, and infrastructure development alongside coworking spaces that have established it as a top choice for entrepreneurs.

The shared office space theory introduced via the best office space for rent in Mohali, BiggBang coworking space, has increased the city's entrepreneurial push by enabling growing startups and entrepreneurs to leverage its office-space services at affordable rates.

It provided young gunners and fresh-to-the-market startups and businesses with an environment that engulfed professional productivity allowing several working genres under the same roof in its shared office space models.

Doing so expanded collaboration opportunities and established networking pathways that fostered connection, interaction, and participation, ultimately garnering the city's growing working culture and making it the most preferred location for a coworking space.

If we go back in time, no one could have predicted that Mohali would flourish at a comparable rate as Chandigarh. Mohali was only a village until 1966, when the state government of Punjab recognized the city as an industrial hub equivalent to Chandigarh.

Mohali and its people have seen significant transitions, From no railways to later being connected to airways and then moving to be a "satellite town" to Chandigarh. The city is now on the verge of becoming a full-fledged economy its capacity.

Today, even young minds in Mohali aspire to be huge entrepreneurs and are working on implementing their startup ideas into action. In such cases, solutions such as BiggBang coworking space helped professionals address the majority of the problems with its:

  • Top-notch business equipment
  • Trending amenities
  • Networking and collaborative environment
  • Ample parking with a sustainable awareness
  • A productive atmosphere that promotes creative innovations, etc.

All of these factors helped boost the startup culture in an affordable setting, which is unimaginable when working in a traditional workplace. The rise of coworking space solutions was fueled by a pandemic that encouraged remote working.

It introduced the people of Mohali to work from home and work from coworking culture. Although it has been around for a while, the pandemic has accelerated its adoption (fact), with now even huge corporations shifting their operations from traditional to coworking spaces.

Here are some technical factors why Mohali is the perfect location for your Coworking space needs

Let us now look at the technical aspects of why Mohali and its townscape are great for startups and how the rise of coworking spaces has significantly enhanced the city's development and economic growth, making it the perfect location to relocate your business.

Factor 1: Government Policies

The central government of India and the state government of Punjab have developed several plans to make Mohali an investment hub stop, with the "Punjab Urban Planning" and "Development Authority" heavily contributing to the township's growth.

It encouraged budding entrepreneurs to grow and break out of their shells to implement their ideas. Some individuals were worried about space and having a proper address, but the advent of coworking spaces eased the problem and propelled their enterprise forward, boosting the growth even more.

BiggBang coworking space and its startup-savvy entrepreneurial programs and workspace solutions have enabled several coworkers and freshers to connect, solve problems collectively, and network to develop collaboration chances.

Factor 2: Sleek Infrastructure

Mohali is the perfect setting for your coworking needs because it provides seamless connectivity and quick access to road, rail, and air transportation alternatives, making commuting for coworkers and their clients a breeze.

BiggBang coworking space is located in Sector 75, which is easily accessible, connected to all necessary transportation, and safe and secure. It also has road connectivity to the international airport, making it even handier for international remote workers.

Mohali has some sleek infrastructure as it is home to several educational institutes such as Chandigarh Business School, Indian School of Business, and others, which eventually fosters a brilliant youth with BiggBang coworking space and other solutions assisting students in placing their plans into action.

Factor 3: Geographically Rich

Mohali has some influential neighboring cities and is well-connected to the prime provinces of Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. It is also connected to Shimla by rail and road, surrounded by cities such as Ambala, Ghazipur, Mullanpur, Dera Bassi, Landra, Zirakpur, and Kharar, making it an ideal migration hub for startups and entrepreneurs.

This geographically rich boundary is complemented by coworking space solutions that provide affordability for office-space operations, encouraging entrepreneurship, the startup ecosystem, and business growth through sustainable and cost-effective solutions making Mohali the perfect place for your coworking space needs.

Factor 4: Industrial and Commercial opportunities

Mohali is touted as northern India's next IT hub and commercial center due to its smart city features and smart working solutions that promote IT facilities and coworking spaces that provide a professional setting for business operations.

The state government of Punjab has also launched "Ghar Ghar Naukri" to help young people find work. The coworking space model's rise, which is helping business expansion, significantly contributes to job opportunities.

Startups and entrepreneurs are saving a lot of money by shifting their operations to BiggBang coworking space and focusing on their company activities, saving a lot of money for expanding their teams and eventually improving employment in the city.

This has also encouraged various investors to shift their focus to Mohali. Its encouragement of startup development, growth, and infrastructure solutions with coworking spaces has contributed to Mohali's development as a coworking space hub and investment hub for investors.

Mohali has now established its own identity and is no longer regarded as having a secondary role in the capital city of Chandigarh. If you are from a nearby or anywhere in India and want to launch your startup but are concerned about rent and space, BiggBang coworking space in Mohali is your perfect location.


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