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A pilot in training and a final year student pursuing a Bachelors in Electronics from DU. An ardent writer who hopes to share his knowledge about the Indian crypto market with his readers.

AI Writing Made Easy: Automattic Launches Innovative Tool for WordPress

Apple takes a major step in AR by acquiring Mira, a startup known for its lightweight AR hardware, signaling its commitment to revolutionizing augmented reality experiences.

Apple Expands AR Ventures with Acquisition of Mira, AR Headset Startup
Enhancing the Apple Experience: New Retail Stores Coming to India
Bernstein Predicts Reliance Industries' Rise as India's Leading E-commerce Player
RBI to Set Strict Guidelines for POS Machine Payments: Impact on Retailers
Delhi High Court to Twitter: Reveal Info on Users Leaking Shah Rukh Khan's 'Jawan
Worldcoin: Sam Altman's $1B Valuation Vision for Global Cryptocurrency
What is Gorilla Glass? How does it work?
How to choose the best electric scooter in India
सबसे ज्यादा रन बनाने वाली महिला खिलाड़ी (2022 Updated)
How late is the closest grocery store open?
SquareYards launches 3D real estate in Dubai
Top Indian NFT collections
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