Can You Create a Channel on WhatsApp? Ultimate Guide to All WhatsApp Features

Can You Create a Channel on WhatsApp? Ultimate Guide to All WhatsApp Features

PM Modi joins Channels on WhatsApp! Image Source: (0)

Meta released several new features and modifications this week. Let’s decipher everything about brand-new WhatsApp in this ultimate guide, and also learn if you can create a channel on WhatsApp or if is it just a creator feature.

Can You Create a Channel on WhatsApp? Ultimate Guide to All WhatsApp Features

PM Modi joins Channels on WhatsApp! Image Source: (0)

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Meta the parent company of WhatsApp has launched a new feature oriented toward user engagement titled “WhatsApp Channels” in India on September 13. The platform now provides a private way for users to engage with their favorite celebrities, creators, and influencers. 

The feature is rolling out on all devices but along with this major upgrade, it introduced several new features worth a mention. WhatsApp has renamed its “Status” tab with “Updates” which also now features suggestions of channels beneath.

With an aim of improving and increasing the visibility of Channels on the app, the company has crammed the new channels feature, below “updates” former status, and also crammed the “viewed updates” section into an expanding list, all rushed together.

In addition to the suggestions lists, WhatsApp users can also search for their favorite channels using the “find channel” feature which is now available for Android and iOS. 

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What is WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels is an improved version of broadcast that allows Channel owners to share updates via text messages or media such as video, photos, stickers, etc. So, you won’t be able to reply, or two-way communication, but you can react to the one-way posts. 

Yes, don’t worry, WhatsApp allows you to react to those one-way broadcasted messages with emojis and also forward them in other conversations on private or group chats and also discover more channels in a variety of criteria: popularity, newly established, etc.

However, note that just because you are following Katrina Kaif’s channel on WhatsApp does not give you access to her phone number, or yours to the admin. Also, admins hold the power to limit the number of screenshots and forwards of the channel’s content.

Each channel shall have its content available for 30 days. Moreover, the company said, based on user input it shall introduce more creator-facing features in the future and also introduce the ability to create a channel for all users in the coming months. 

So, for now, Channels is just a creator feature and not publicly available for all users. 

PM Modi on WhatsApp Channels

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now on WhatsApp Channels quoting “Thrilled to join WhatsApp community! It is yet another step closer in our journey of continued interactions. Let’s stay connected here! Here’s a picture from the new Parliament building…” he said, via PTI.

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How to follow PM Modi on WhatsApp Channel

  • To follow PM Modi on WhatsApp Channel click the link (here).
  • Once done, you will be redirected to the official page, click either of the options “View channel” or Use WhatsApp Web.”
  • You will then be redirected to the official page of Prime Minister Modi on WhatsApp channel, then simply click “Follow” and done. 
  • You are now following PM Modi on WhatsApp Channel.

Meanwhile, there are also other notable profiles other than Katrina Kaif and PM Modi, such as the Indian Cricket team, Diljit Dosanjh, Akshay Kumar, Vijay Deverakonda, etc.

If you wish to join any of these channels, simply click “find channel” in the channels section and search for your favorite celebrity, content creator, or influencer’s channel and follow.

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